Chapter 8

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The people cheered as the Doctor started the controls. The Tardis began to whoosh as we left for London. When we arrived, the Doctor snapped for the doors of the Tardis to fly open, and everyone thanked him as they went out the doors. "What now?" I asked him.

"They'll go live the rest of their lives out as normal people," he said. 

"They won't ever forget you," I said. 

"Nah, maybe not," he said. "Oh, shut up." I said, "Where are we going next?" 

"I am taking you home," he said. I couldn't believe my ears. "Home?! Already?! I thought we were going somewhere else!" 

"Oh, calm down, we're just visiting. Then, I'll take you somewhere else!" said the Doctor.

"Jerk," I said, "You did that on purpose, just to make me mad!" 

"Maybe," he said. "Now, let's go visit your mother. I have the Tardis set to take us an hour after we left, so your mum doesn't miss you too much."

Two minutes later, I walked out onto my street. "You coming?" I called to the Doctor. "I'll catch up!" he called back.

I walked down my street to my mum's house. I walked through the front door calling, "Mum! I'm home for a visit!" There was a shattering in the kitchen, and the next thing I knew, I was in a huge hug. "Lily! I missed you so much! Where have you been?! It's been forever since I've seen you!"

"Mum, mum, calm down! It's only been an hour!" I said, pulling away from her. 

"Lily, it's been four months!" cried Mum.

Just then, the Doctor walked into the house. "Clara!" he cried, but immediately shrunk when he saw the look Mum gave him."What did I do wrong this time?" he said. 

"You got the time mixed up, Doctor," I whispered to him, "I've been gone for four months."

"Oh, um," the Doctor gave Mum a shaky smile. "Sorry?" That's when Mum when mad.

"Why would you bring her home four months after she left? She could've been home ten seconds after she'd left, and she could've seen half the universe by then! I thought she was dead, and you were too scared to come and tell me!" she said, in between hitting the Doctor. 

"Clara, Clara, calm down, let me explain. I meant t bring her home an hour after she left, but something went wrong with the Tardis. We haven't gone far, we only went on one trip. As for Lily dying, Clara, you know I'd come tell you. I'd never do such a thing to you." he pulled her into a hug. 

Mum was still grumpy. "Fine," she snapped, "I'll make tea." She stormed into the kitchen. One look at the Doctor, and I burst into laughter. "What is so funny?" he asked. 

"You're not afraid of alien monsters that you kill you in one second flat, yet you're afraid of my mum?!" I said in between laughs. The Doctor looked scandalized. "It's not my fault your mother can be very intimidating!"

"Oh, yeah, she's very intimidating. She'll kill you with her tea making skills! Ahhh!" I said sarcastically. At this, the Doctor started laughing. 

"Quiet down, you two, you'll wake up the neighbors!" cried Mum from the kitchen. We went into the living room and sat down on the couch. The news was on the television. "And recent sightings of what appears to be alien lifeforms have been spotted all across the country." the newswoman said, while pictures of disgusting creatures in what looked like black tuxedos appeared on the screen. "People who have seen these creatures cannot remember anything about them while being questioned." 

"Oh no," whispered the Doctor. "Oh, no!" "What is it?" I asked. "The Silence," he said, "The Silence have come for me."

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