Not so innocent Kitten..

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Master Dante was staring at the door to his bedroom.

Why had he told her to go there?!

He wanted to go to sleep..

So why.. why did he tell her to go to his room..

He had never in his life slept next to his possessions. Ever.

He walked into the room and his heart stopped.

In the middle of his bed.. peacefully asleep was his little kitten.. and she was naked.

“If you're awake right now Rose.. I am going to f*ck the life out of you..” he said with a growl as his c0ck hardened.


Rose shot up out of bed.

What did he say?!

She ran out of the room as fast as her feet would carry her and the Master made no attempt to stop her.



Is all Dante could think of.

He just scared the crap out of the poor girl!


He swore at himself as he slumped onto the bed.

Wonderful, he was horny as f*ck and angry as hell..


Rose was sitting in one of the many bathrooms Dante had, she had taken a long cold shower to settle herself down considering how awkward she felt because what the Master had said.. had made her dripping wet.

She wanted him.. badly.

She wanted him hard..

She wanted him to take her everywhere..

It was decided.

Rose got up from the floor, wrapped a towel around her slim yet curvy body and walked quickly towards the Masters room.

When she reached the room Dante shot up out of bed and moved quickly towards her.

But then Rose.. dropped her towel and pulled Master Dante close to her as she attacked his mouth.


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