Prove It

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 Louis' POV:

Once I finish putting her hair in a pony tail, I start to look at her makeup. I have no clue how to do any of this. I guess she's not having makeup today. The phone rings, so I answer it and put it on speaker. "Hi Louis. I'm Aria." Says the voice. "So, you're names Aria." I say back. "Yup. And we need to prove to these guys in your house that I'm not you." "These guys, have names." Says Harry. "HARRY!" I shout. I haven't heard his voice this morning. "Umm, who are you?" He asks. "I'm Louis!" I say. "Prove it." Says Liam. I think for a second, and then say, "Yesterday, Haz, Niall and I had a clothes fight, then Liam cleaned it and packed my bag, then scared me from behind and I screamed and the other three came running in and I said, "Hehe never mind."" "Lads, it's him!" Said Zayn. "Then who are you?" They ask Aria. "I'm Aria, from NYC." She says. Someone knocks on the door, and I say, "Got to go. Call you later." I hang up and run to the door. I open it and see the girl from before at the door. She hugs me and says, "I haven't seen you in so long." She pulls away and says, "Note the sarcasm." I laugh. "So, how do you want to spend the first day of summer?" She asks me. I shrug. "Okay! Lets go skating!" "Yay!" I say with fake excitment. "Oh! That hurt!" She says putting her hand over her heart. We laugh and go to her, may I add, nice car. I like this girl.

Aria's POV:

"Then who are you?" They ask me. "I'm Aria, from NYC." I say. Louis breaks up the awkward silence with saying, "Got to go, call you later." There's some more awkward silence until Niall says, "So, we are going to Japan today, and Louis' stuck in NYC?" "Oh god." Says Liam. "We got to teach you to be Louis for now!" Says Harry, with a clap. "Okay..." I say. "Do you know any of our songs?" Asks Liam. "No. Songs?" I say. Their mouths drop and say, "you don't know One Direction?" They ask. "No..." I say, then look at the faces and recognize them as the ones on Char's walls. "Oh goshness, One Direction!" I say covering my mouth. "So you know our songs?" Asks Niall. "Nope.  My best friend is really obsessed though. She's probably with Louis right now." "Lets hope he doesn't tell her." Says Harry. "LOUIS LESSONS START... NOW!" They all shout. I laugh and sit down and start to learn to be the famous boy. Note that I said famous boy.

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