Chapter 6

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Gosh, I hate that stupid thing. No, actually I hate school. Reluctantly I got up and took a shower. And got dressed. Today's outfit consisted of white skinnies, a neon pink top with black designs on it and a black beanie. I straightened my hair and headed out my bedroom door for breakfast.

Ino was already here and was eating and talking silently with Sasuke. Until she saw me that is.

"Kat! I heard about you and Deidara! I'm so happy for you two!" She glomped me as she was saying all this.

"Thanks Ino! I mean it's only the one thing I've wanted all summer!" I exclaimed and hugged her back. I'm not sure why us girls do that when we hear good news but whatever. We do.

After that I went on to go eat breakfast with Itachi since Ino and Sasuke were eating in the living room.

"So do you think people are gonna be upset that the 'hottest girl' is dating one of the 'hottest guys that's not Sasuke'"

"I'm not that hot, and yeah, fanboys and any one who likes Dei, they won't be happy but they'll live. Especially the Keito freshman kid."

"Sasuke told me about that."

"Does he just tell you everything?"

"You took a nap all day yesterday till dinner, I had to ask someone how your day was. Ha."

"Yeah, I like sleep. Heck, I'm like a baby all I do is eat sleep and go potty!"

"Except during the summer, that's the only time you're active."

"Yeah, even then I still find time for that. Haha"

Itachi was beginning to be like his old self before the massacre. Sasuke was too. Except he'll never fully be his old self. I remember how he was the most open out of the three of us. Now he's the most reserved but he's still open to me and Itachi, not fully but he's still open.

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