On The Run: New Beginnings

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The next morning Janet woke everyone up at 10:30. She had made a big ass breakfast which surprised everyone except Arial. Arial just met Tayshawn's family so she thought it was normal since they're so.. so extra.

Arial went to the bathroom and looked at her red, puffy face. She new that it wasn't good to cry herself to sleep, but she couldn't help it. She tried her hardest to fix her face but she couldn't. So she gave up and sighed while putting her hair in a bun.

When she came downstairs she saw Tayshawn watching tv.

" Come on Tay, I know you hungry" And she was completely right. He hadn't eaten in almost a day.

"You ain't gotta tell me twice ! Turn up !" He said causing Abrial to crack a slight smile.

They walked down the stairs to a table full of food. Arial hadn't seen that much food since her mama died.

"Good morning yall. Lets pray so we can eat" Janet said. They proceeded to grab hands and pray.

After their prayer Tayshawn dug right in. He was a gentleman, but the "ladies first" rule didn't apply to him when he was starving. He was too busy stuffing fork fulls of food into his mouth to notice the whole family staring at him in awe.

"Dang Tay. Are you gonna breath?" Janet said

"Ma, I ain't eat in like a day. Ya boy is starving"

"Okayyyy. Well make sure you breath cuhh I'on feel like savin no lives today"

"Paris shut the heck up. Tryna sound ghetto. Girl listen clear YOU ARE FROM THE SUBURBS! " Tay said putting emphasis on the last part.

"Okay fine. Whatever. So what we doin today?"

"Your father and I are going to help out at the church."

"Janet you know we don't fucks with them twerkin on Saturday praisin on Sunday btiches."

Everyone choked on their food. The number one rules were don't cuss in Mama's presence. And don't talk about her "Family" at the church.

"Nigga don't cuss up in this house. I'm the only bitch that can cuss. This my shit right here. You comin ion give a fuck what you say"

Arial now understood why Tayshawn was so short tempered. His mom didn't have high tolerance for bullshit. She popped off at the mouth just like Tay.

"Fine geez" Michael said in defeat.

"Uhhh so what are the rest of yall doin today cause I only got one friend and she grounded."She said chuckling

Paris was 16. She was pretty tall around 5'8 .. She was a very blunt person and not many people liked that. Except for her best friend Kashey (Cash-shay). Kash was the total opposite of Paris. Kash was quiet and kept to herself. But Paris loved that about her.

"Arial and I are going house hunting. You can tag along since you ain't got no friends" Tay said as he started to laugh

"Forget you. Ma I'm gonna go with them" Paris said while walking up the stairs to get ready.

"Well imma go get ready too. Thank you Ms.Johnson for the delicious breakfast"


Back in New York the police were still looking Tayshawn and Arial. They had a few leads but they had no idea what they were up against. But if they got a hold of Tayshawn he would be in for life from charges ranging from murder to drug trafficking. They didn't have any evidence on Arial so she was clean. The cops only knew that Arial was Tays girl.

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