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Wow okay so i didnt think this would even get a lot of reads. i made this in the summer when i wasnt as expirienced at writing as i am now, so this toatlly sucks. i hate to admit it but it does. but since this was kinda popularish, im thinking about re-writing it. the new name will be " by the way, i have a tail" and i made a cover and started it. trust me its better than this one. im going to keep the same concept where shes a mermaid blah blah blah but its not going to be so cliche and the names might be changed but if you even enjoyed this, you would enjoy the other one much better. im going to try to get it up really really really soon but im extremely busy since its the holidays and all and i have cheer games a lot and 3 other main storys to write. i make a new chapter every day for my christmas one so its been hard on me but i promise all of you that i will get it out soon. thanks for reading xx :)

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