The Escape

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"Yeah, me. You haven't forgotten the deal we made did you?"

"Uh, no. It's just that... I didn't expect to see you again so soon. And people I usually make deals with aren't really the ones who come back to me with the intention of keeping my life sustained."

"How exactly did you avoid the guards?"

"They're too busy wth the princess' return celebrating and all that."

"Hey you think you can break me out of here? As much as I enjoy being locked up in a prison with no hope of probation, I do miss the outside world."

"Yeah no problem just stand back." said the Dragon. The Dragon outstretched his right arm and then punched the outer wall of the prison. A great explosion was heard yet the citizens of the kingdom mistook it for the sound the fireworks illuminating the night sky. "And as for those cuffs, I shall now melt them with my fire!" Taking in a great breath the Dragon almost drew fire until Jack responded with his flailing arms. 

"Whoa whoa whoa, hold it hold it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You're gonna melt my freaking hands off dude!" he said afraid for his mortal life, and his arms. 

"Oh right, forgot you tiny humans aren't fireproof. Truth is I don't get much interaction with any humans." said the Dragon, shying away. 

"Can't imagine why. Big guy like you is sure to make one hell of an impression on people," said Jack. With that the Dragon smiled and offered his clawed hands for Jack to step on to lower him onto the ground from the prison wall. "Hey before we go and leave this place, let's make another stop first." With that Jack directed the Dragon to a nearby building. A small, yet secluded part of the entire castle that would have gone unnoticed and even more so during the night. When they reached the door the Dragon asked:

"So what is it exactly that you wanted to get from this place?" he asked with curiosity. Jack merely smirked and replied:

"You'll see," Jack reached over and opened the double doors to reveal what was inside. 

"Wooooow," said the Dragon in awe. 

Jack replied with a simple, "Mmmhmm." What revealed before them was an entire room filled to the brim with jewels and treasures belonging to the entire Castle. "Just think of it big guy. All this treasure, ours for the taking and even more across the kingdom waiting for us to steal. Oh I forgot to ask, you're okay with stealing right? Just think of it as taking something from someone who doesn't really need it."

"Oh I'm completely fine with taking things that don't belong to others. After being captured by those annoying humans I've got this burning hatred waiting to be unleashed," as the Dragon said this his nostrils flared with smoke rising to his lungs.

"Whoa easy man," Jack said raising his arms in an attempt to calm his scaly friend. "We'll get back at them for what they did to you. Just you know, go easy on the flames. We can use that for later. Now we're going to have to move quickly because the celebration isn't going to last forever." As he said this, the fireworks which illuminated the night began dissipating and the intervals from which they burst began to slow. 

"Right, I can probably carry most of this in my stomach," said the Dragon. 

"Wait your stomach?" asked Jack. 

"Well actually one of my two stomachs. One is for eating food and the other I can hold for stuff."

"That is fascinating. Alright then, start grabbing everything you can and stuff it into that big belly of yours," Seeing a carrying bag nearby, Jack snatched it up and began grabbing everything of value as quickly as he could. "You know, I think we could do this. Go around the 9 kingdoms, stealing everything for us and only us. No one would be able to get in our way with my planning and your brute strength. And plus, no one would ever suspect a mortal man and a dragon working together."

"No one indeed," said another voice from beyond the double doorway. The sudden voice shocked both Jack and the Dragon causing them to turn around slowly at the same time to the person. It was none other than the castle guard who identified Jack and threw him in prison. "I see you escaped the prison cell."

"And I you're still a pain in my ass!" Jack retorted. The guard smirked and like a snake slithers, moved so subtle that his footsteps went almost unheard. Strangely calm he spoke and slowly unsheathed his sword. 

"Who would have ever believed such a thing as this happening? A man and a monstrous beast allying together." The guard began circling the two of them in an attempt to seem menacing when really, he had been closing the distance between himself and the warning bell within the room. 

"Anything's possible," said the Dragon. The guard stopped, frozen at the unbelievable action. 

"Y-you t-t-talked?! But that's not possible! Dragons cannot speak words of the human tongue."

"Says who? I spent years after being unjustly caught from my home cave listening to that annoying princess babble on about her savior and how she would one day be rescued by her Knight in Shining Armor. After the first decade I was able to pick on a few words and learn to speak in your tongue."

"Well you can say goodbye to your new accomplice when he gets hanged for his crimes and I shall be the one to personally cut out that unholy tongue of yours which poisons our human language," he said while pointing his sword at the Dragon's mouth. 

"Blah blah blah do you ever shut up?! I'm a thief, deal with it! And by the looks of things, it doesn't seem like you have any chance against a 500-pound firebreathing dragon and a master swordsman."

"Hey! I'll have you know I weigh 470-pounds! And really? You a master swordsman with those clumsy arms?" said the Dragon. 

"You're one to talk! You can't even hold any weapons with those giant claws. Anything you hold is likely to break!" At this point, Jack and the Dragon began a back and forth argument without realizing that the guard had reached the warning bell and yanked on it's chain signaling the entire castle to the crime in progress. 

"Both of you are fools! Now this time there shall be no escape!" said the guard with smugness. Soon the  guards were swarming in the room surrounding Jack and the Dragon. All was hopeless and lost. 

"This would have been so much easier if you'd just taken as much gold as you could swallow!" yelled Jack. 

"Oh so this is all my fault now! Who was the one who'd just broke you out of spending an eternity in a prison cell!" 

"I would have found a way out eventually!"

"Yeah right, and I'm sure by the time that happened, you would have been either an old man or dust," the Dragon said with disbelief in his voice.

"You know what?! I'm starting to wish you should have eaten me the day we met. Because then I wouldn't have to stand here in a room full of guards and treasure arguing with a giant stupid monster!"

"Is that what you want?! Huh? Because I'll do it right here right now."

"Well go ahead! No one's stopping you. Eat me you scaly faced monster. I said EAT ME!!!" The Dragon's nostrils flared with anger and his reptilian eyes grew to slits with his brow furrowed. He gave a loud roar powerful enough to shake the entire room they were all in and then the unimaginable happened. His head came down in a mighty swoop and engulfed Jack from head to toe, swallowing his entire body in one gulp. The guards were horrified and had their weapons at the ready to defend themselves against this great beast. The Dragon gave another loud roar before smashing the roof of the treasure room. He stretched his wings and flew away into the night. All of the guards were frozen where they stood gazing at the ruined ceiling from above where the beast escaped. It was the guard who captured Jack in handcuffs who stepped forward breaking the silence taking off his helmet. 

Staring at the place where the once great thief Jack Animus stood and died before him,he kneeled on one knee and touched the ground where Jack stood. Head bowed, the guard said a quick prayer and ended it with the phrase, "May God have mercy on your soul."

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