Chapter 5

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A/N sorry I haven't been updating much I will try to update more! p.s. thank you all of you who are reading! I'm so happy you like it!

John knows Rick is right and he walks up to it. Rick and Paul question John what to do. John just walks in so they follow him. they come across an unusually large zombie. he says "I am herobrine's master zombie. I control all of herobrine's other zombies. you cannot defeat me!!! I will tell you this though" he says in a slightly more serious voise. " there are more than me . there are 7 other bosses if that is what you would like to call them" Paul asks "what are they". the zombie says (well more like yells) "YOU REALLY THINK I WILL SHOW YOU ALL OF MY SECRETS!!! I KNOW YOU UNDERESTAMATE ME, HEROBRINE, AND ALL OF THE OTHER MASTERS!!!!!" They pull out their swords ready for the fight. the zombie spawns minions to help him fight. and as it begins nothing turns out well.

A/N again thank you all of you who are reading. I hope you are enjoying this story!! I am changing the name of the book I will make after this. and the title............... will be revealed in the next chapter. it could possibly be an exuse because I can't think of one... P.s. I will start doing different POVs

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