The Battle for Earth

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    Roaring alarms sound everywhere. My mind goes blank after being waken up for the battle cries of my crew and vicious Narlok beasts. It was time to prove my crew's innocency to Lieutenant Morgan.


    My bunk mate, Gracie, was loading our fire power when I was entering the room. She turns to me and passes me a semi-automatic. I pump it and we both run out of the door.

    " Ready to kick some Narlok ass?" I ask, slowing down my pace to a stop.

    " The question is, are you ready, H.B.I.C?"

     " Yeah. What do you mean by H.B.I.C?"

     " You're the  head bitch in charge. H.B.I.C," Gracie says, bumping me in the shoulder to warn me about Morgan.

       Gracie, a whole crowd of Navy Forces, and I pay attention to Morgan and what he has to say.

      " We all know about the Narlok invasions and what they could do a man. We all know two people in this who can fight until the end. The two people are close friends. Almost sisters. They haven't had the chance lto prove themselves yet. This is their chance," Morgan says," I want Ostler and Bennett up here pronto."

    " It's us," Gracie says.

    " Let's get our happy asses up there!"

     We run up to Morgan and salute.

    " At ease," Morgan  says, turning around to the rest of the forces. " These two soldiers will be your new squad leaders. They won't be able to do it by themselves. Do you two girls need to say something before we head out?"

   I step forward and pull out my semi-auto. " Let's get these sons of bitches!!"


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