In seventh period, I laughed a bit about Chris's stupid war thing. I thought it was fake, but then realized Chris never kids. I brought three paintball guns and an air soft gun. I also brought bread and peanut butter. Mrs. Hackerd was explaining Newton's third principle, when the bell rings. I pack up while Elle and Trent waits for me, then I go to, my favorite teacher, Mr. Guy's room because this was the room for my "troops", and Mr. Guy is the only teacher who allowed this war (only because he knows I'm going against Chris). When everyone got in there, we were waiting for five to come, when all of a sudden, the Doctor walked out of Mr. Guys storage closet. Elle, Trent, my other friend, Lilly, and I rushed up to him to ask him to be on our team for this mini war. He agrees with delight, so I officially appointed him the War Plan Division--mostly because he had TARDIS--and assign a few more people leaders.

"Okay. Elle: Close Combat Division; Trent: Ranged Combat Edition; Lilly: Computer and Tracking Division; Me: Spying and Information Gathering Division," I command. "Clayton: you're my assistant spy; Fate: assistant close combateer; Louis: assistant computer tracker; Alexis: assistant range combateer; Doctor, can you get another Time Lord to help with the planning?"

"Of course not! If the other Time Lords knew I was taking part in you petty war, they would confiscate my Sonic Screwdriver! Then hide it in some other time where I would never find it! Appoint somebody in your gigantic war party!" he screamed in his fancy British accent.

"Okay then. Uuuuum, you, in the Doctor Who sweatshirt. Stacy, right? You're the assistant planner. Okay. Everyone else, go to the division you think is best for you. Spies, get on the tables. Planners, to the closet. Trackers, to the computers. Close-rangers, to the board. Long-rangers, to the back of the room. Start your training!" I instruct. Then, Clay and I appoint code names to all the spies. I was Agent Lion. Clay was Agent Tiger. Everyone else was some bird or common household pets--except cats, cats were for leaders. Then we show everyone how to flip from table to table and climbing the walls a little bit. Then we grabbed a ladder from the closet and started to climb into the ceiling. Here, we taught them how to shift their weight constantly so we don't bend the thin tin rafters. Mr. Guy was the easiest to train, him being thin and tall. Phil and a few other football players weren't that great at being spies with their muscles, so they were the ones that raised and lowered the thinner ones. When we were done training, we went down to check on the other divisions. The Planning Division was handing out Sonic Screwdrivers, so I decided to leave them alone. Trent was teaching some of the other Long-Range Combateers how to create Febreeze grenades, while Alexis was teaching the rest how to create a small, but powerful, human-catapult. I approved, and moved on. The Trackers were learning how to find the computers and iPads Chris was using, so I moved on. The Close-Combateers were learning kicks and punches from Elle, and blocks and running techniques (so you don't get tired while running) from Fate. Then I went back to the Planners. The students were waiting for the Doctor, but I noticed one kid was missing, and nobody had a Sonic Screwdriver.

"Why don't you have Sonic Screwdrivers, Stacy?" I ask.

"As soon as Miles got one and learned how to travel through time, he went to the dinosaurs, so the Doctor took away everyone's Sonic Screwdriver an went to save Miles, sir," Stacy answered. Just like my brother to jump to the dinosaurs and nearly die. He's so annoying and stupid that my mom trusts me, his younger brother, to be in charge of him.

A few minutes later, a scorched Doctor comes out from behind Mr. Guy's filing cabinet--that must have been TARDIS--followed by a burnt Miles.

"Okay, troops. It's five. Time to move out. Guns on the middle table. Long-Rangers, you get the guns. Combateers, go. Everybody else, except the Doctor, stay and work and/or train. Move out!" I yelled. That brings us up to date. Kay, gotta go. Need to spy!

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