Chapter 3: A Day with Them

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Chapter 3: A Day with Them

Alec’s POV

I have been waiting for this day for a really long time. Now that it is finally here I shall make it the most special day ever. A day with my number one girl, Sapphire; it’s weird to say that today is the day that I ask her to be my girlfriend.

‘She isn’t going to want you’

“Yes! She will”, this voice inside my head has been trying to put me down all night. I just wish I could have a day where ‘them’ doesn’t bother me. I want to go back to the way things were and just live my life how it was intended to be. I heard my phone vibrate on my side table draw and I went to read the name ‘Jeremy’. He has been a very good friend to me when I started high school. We have played on the same basketball team for four years.

‘ YEO!  Just seeing how you are holding up. It’s been a while man! We gotta chill before school starts next week?!’ I start typing a simple reply ‘Ditto’. I hit send and went to examine myself in the mirror. I see that I look good enough and on my way to pick up Sapphire. Jeez Sapphire, I don’t know what it is but I have never noticed how much I liked her. I grabbed my key and off to my camero, she only live two block away so it didn’t take me long to get to her house. When I drove up to the front gates I forgot how big her house was. Her mom (Julia) was a Lawyer and her dad (Peter) is an architect. He pretty much built this house himself. I hit the buzzer in order for them to know that i was outside and waiting to drive to the front door. I parked my car and then waited for her to come outside. ‘If you mess this up Alec we are gonna bring you back!’ i cried and held my ears for ‘them’ have been screaming at me not to mess this up. So i must try my utmost best to keep her happy. If I make her unhappy then I have to spend another month with ‘them’. This is one thing I didn’t bring up when i explained my deal with ‘them’ to Sapphire. I didn’t want her to try and keep happy because she thinks she has to. I want her to be happy just because she wants to b happy. That is when it happened... ‘I swear to you by all the power in hell I will have you back her with me’. I keeled over in pain at the screeching in my head. I hopped out the car and started for the door then it happened again. ‘You belong here, you are a work of the devil himself. The son of Satan.’

“AHHHHHHHHH!” I screamed at the top of my lungs while I dropped to the floor pain going throughout my body.

“ALEC!” I heard the most amazing voice call my name but I let the darkness take me. When I woke up I was in an all but familiar place. I look around to see purple and black walls surrounding me and I was watching what seemed to be a Lakers game. I shook my head to see Sapphire entering the room with a tray of sandwiches.

“Hey sleepy head, you weren’t kidding when you said you were tired” she giggled and gave me the most genuine smile.

“Wait! What? When did I tell you I was tired?”

“ When you were outside, I saw you on the ground and you said that your medication was making you tired and dizzy, so you asked if you could take a nap before you go.” She gave me a very puzzled look, this whole time I was passed out them must have taken over me and talked to Sapphire. They are really trying to ruin my life,

“One Day! Can you give me one freaking day!”

“what are you talking about Alec?”

“look I know that you think I am crazy, because I can hear you thinking but trust me, it was not me who you were talking to outside and I don’t exactly know how to explain it”

”Seriously! Alec on day can you not bring up this crazy ‘them” thing one day!”  I can that hear it in her voice, she is getting upset, but she can’t because if she does I serve another month in that hell hole ‘them’ calls home.

“Please don’t get upset Sapph, I need you to understand that this isn’t easy for me either” I stood up and took steps closer to her. “I don’t want to make you upset with all this stiff but it is what it is and I can’t help it” I looked into her eyes to see what she was thinking but she wasn’t thinking about anything. ‘Somebody is gonna be coming home soon’

“Shut UP!”  Realizing I was yelling in her face I quickly apologised. “I am so sorry Sapphire, if this is to messed up for you I will show myself out.” I looked into her eyes one more time before I headed toward her bedroom door.

“Wait!” she said as she grabbed my wrist. I turned to face my best friend. “Alec I understand, but it is a lot to process. You got help me out here, I can’t do us f we don’t see eye to eye.” She just said us that alone sent shivers throughout my body. I released myself from her grip and put my hands on her waist. I looked into her eyes and I heard her thinking she wants me to kiss her and that is exactly what I intended to do.

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