Chapter 1: Kylee and Jonathon's Cake

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     Kylee's POV:

As I got home from school I tossed my bookbag off of my shoulders and on the floor. Finally it was Friday! Mimi promised to take me Christmas shopping, because she can't ever find anything for me that I like. "Kylee! Is that you?'' Jonathon yelled from the kitchen. "No! it's Santa! Of course it's me dummy!" I yelled back. I walked into the kitchen to see what that munchkin was up to. Jonathon was stuffing his mouth with my mom's most famous chocolate cake! '' JONATHON!!!'' I screamed. ''Mom is going to kill you!'' Jonathon looked up slowly as if I was mom. '' Well..." Jonathon mumbled. "WELL WHAT JONATHON??! Where is mom and mimi anyways?" Jonathon licked off his fingers. "They went to pick up Patrick from pre-school because his bus couldn't make it." Then he licked his shirt. "So they just left you here to wreck everything we own?" I gave him the stare. "I told them you were in your room talking to your boyfriend!'' I wished I was, but sadly this 17 year old is single. I then looked at Jonathon and decided NOT to slap the crap out of him. Mostly because I still wanted to go shopping. "Well there's only one thing left to do..." Jonathon said as he made a suspicious face. Then he looked at an extra box of cake mix then looked back at me. ''Jonathon, we are NOT making another cake!" He looked at me like I was speaking another language. ''Why not?!'' I looked at him very closely.''Have you gone crazy? Mom and them will be here shortly, we don't even have enough time!'' This is when one of Jonathon's "Smart Ideas'' happened. ''So Kylee, what you are saying is that if we had enough time, we could make another cake?'' This is crazy! I mean I did learn how to make a cake in home ec. at school last year, and when I was twelve, I got an easy bake oven. But seriously?! ''I um... well... I...gguess... when you put it that way yeah I mean uh yeah.'' How could MY eight year old brother actually be right? Then he picked up the phone and dialed mom's number. ''Hey mommy! I was wondawing if you could stop at da supamawrt and get more jucey boxes... mmhm...otay... awight... I wub woo!'' That ''cute'' accent kills it. Literally.

     So, we ended up making a cake. Gweat... I mean great. Just great.

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