Some Nerve

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All I saw was red." Yeah why?'', I said with most attitude ever. "Well I found out what happened to Tyson and I know you are the reason why he's in the hospital, I'm here to tell you that you need to stay away from mines , because he don't your ass no more you got me?",she said. I looked at this girl like he was so stupid.

"First of all didnt nobody set that stupid ass niggah bup, he's the one who came to me wanting a second chance and I told him no, he put his hands on me and thats why he is in the fucking hospial so get your shit straight before you come up to me", I was heated now. Before I knew it I felt a gush of wetness hit my chin and thats when I realized this bitch spit on me. ext thing I knew I was wailing on the bitch I was throwing all of my punches that I could give. She thought she was bad no sweetie let me show you who really is. Al of a sudden I felt someone lifting me off of the girl who was now screaming and crying. I didn't even gve a fuck when I turned around it was the guy I guess they called Will.

After all the commotion I was sent to the principal he told me that since it was my first altercation that he would left me off easy and all that other bull. Oh and did I telly yall that butch threaten me, I can't wait , I'm prepared for anything.

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