A new house?! (OHSHC FANFIC)

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I woke up from my little cat-nap and noticed the twins staring right at me.

"What's wrong?" I asked them. I lifted my head to notice that Tamaki and Kyouya were in the room.

Tamaki looked straight into my eyes and I just stared back blankly. but I noticed Kyouya wasn't looking my way. "Would you stop the staring contest alredy?" said Kaouru as Hikaru finished the rest of his sentence.

"Right" I got up and looked at the clock.

"I have to go, please do excuse me." I said taking my violin and heading out. I noticed a tall shadow infront of me comint from the right side of the door.

I sighed, "Please do dismiss Mori" I asked hoping they would dismiss the host and to my utter and unexpected surprise(note the sarcasm) they didn't.

I knew I had to get out somehow, I turned to face Tamaki and Kyouya. "What do you guys want /now/?" I questioned.

"I can tell you haven't told us all about yourself miss Yin. We'd like more detail since you'll be around some more." Said Kyouya.

I sighed. "Fine"

"Aside from knowing about instruments I'm also a pretty good martial artist and I'm good with computers. In other words I'm not someone you want to mess with." I said trying to carve fear into them. Sadly it didn't work. I looked at Mori who was still at the door and looked around the room noticing a window. I smirked.

"Well I have to go"

"No you're-" before he could finish I broke out through the window hoping to a tree.

"Peace out suckers!!!" I screamed getting down from the tree. As I got down I felt some pain on my right foot but walked it off.

I finally got to the second music room to take my violin lesson but as I reached for the door knob I felt a hand cover my mouth and another pull me from the door.

"It's been some time Yin, why havn't you called?" I heard a voice say hoping it wasn't who I thought it would be.

I turned and saw my fiancé Al standing there with a smirk on his face. "W-why're you here?!"

"I told you I'd find you no matter where you'd hide." He said coming towards me and bringing me closer to him.

"N-no! Leave me alone!" I struggled to get out of his grip but even back when we were kids he was always stronger.

"C'mon now don't give me such a mad expression, I came all the way here to see you." He chuckled forcing a kiss on me. I knowing it was useless to fight back gave in.

~small flashback~

Before Yin's parents died her dad decided she would marry to a rich family to help them gain money but since Yin didn't know anybetter she went along with it. But after spending time with the person she was to get married to she knew he was a jerk but she also knew she had to help her family.

~end of flashback~

Al held my wrist in a tight grip and pulled back from the kiss. "See, was that so bad?" I struggled to get out of his grip even more but he tightened it the more I struggled. Knowing I wasn't far from the third music room I decided to scream my lungs out to see if they could hear me. "KYOUYA!!!" I screamed knowing he could help and it seemed to me he cared.

~Kyouya's POV~

I heard a scream that shout my name and instantly recognized the voice, Yin. I instantly ran out the room and Mori seems to have noticed too. The scream came from music room #2. Once we got there we saw some guy forcefully holding Yin.

"Now I wouldn't do that if I were you." I said now getting closer to the two.

"Why shouldn't I? she's my fiancé afterall." He responded. I felt something inside me break when I heard those word and I just wanted to get rid of him even more. From the corner of my eye I could see Mori sending him a glare.

"Kyouya, Mori please help!" her eyes were begining to fill with blood. 'She can't cry, I can't let her' I thought.

I looked over at Mori and he nodded.

He went behind the guy pulling him away from Yin by pulling his hair back. He inmediately let go of her.

"Ow!!" He screeched. "This doesn't have to do with you two!!" he said angrily.

"Actually it does." I said catching Yin who was about to fall.

Yin's POV~

"We can't have the violinist for the host club getting herself hurt now, can we." Said Kyouya.

I looked up at Kyouya as he glared at Al I could see the rage in his eyes.

"Why do you care anyway, with my family's money she'll be happier than ever!"

Kyouya let me go and walked in Al's direction. He raise his hand slapping Al straight accross his face.

"Money doesn't buy a person's happiness." He stated turning around and helping me up.

"You should be ashamed to even think that way." I could tell Mori wanted to punch Al in the face. Al sat there shocked and looked my way with a small glare.

Mori let Al go. "I'll get you someday Yin, don't forget that." He said leaving.

I instinctively hugged Kyouya. "Thank god you made it in time." I said in a shaky voice.

"Considering your current situation I think you should move somewhere safer where there's more security." He said taking me by the shoulders.

"What do you mean?" I questioned.

"I mean I want you to live in one of the hosts houses I'll make the preparations, but do tell who's house you'd prefer."

"Let me think about it, okay?" I smiled.







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