Chapter 2

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Valerie's p.o.v.

As Holly and I walk across the street one of the older boys walks over to us

"Is there anything I can help you fine ladies with today?" he smirks leaning on the truck

"We just wanted to see if we could help our new neighbors" I play along putting my hand on my hip

"Mom do we need any help?" he shouts back

"Yes we could use some thank you girls" she smiles and walks into the house

"Ok, wanna carry boxes?" the same boy asks as the other two stride over

"Yeah" I say, Holly makes a face that says "but that's so much work" the other older boy notices

"You can help our mother organize" he offers pointing towards the door, she smiles at me and runs for the front door, I giggle

The boy hands my a light box

"I'm not weak you know" I yell as I start walking

"I heard ya loud and clear" the two older boys yell in unison

"Where do I start putting these" I look confused at the woman, she points to a corner

"Over there hun, I'm Danielle" she holds a hand out to me, I put my box down and take it

"Valerie" I smile

"What a beautiful name" she sighs with a smile

"Thank you" I smile back and walk back outside

"I'm Alan" the boy who talked to me first flirts, I play along

"Valerie, nice hair" I glance at his out if control black hair, he blushes, I laugh, "learn to flirt without blushing, then you might get me" I say, he touches my butt as I walk by him

"Excuse you!" I snap, he turns and looks at me innocently, but his eyes spill it for him

Aaron's p.o.v.

As the girl flirts with my brother(the king of flirting) I walk by with a heavy box, I set it down in the house and walk back out and saw Alan touch her ass as she walked by, she snaps at him and keeps walking

"Aaron your girlfriend is cute" I feel myself blush uncontrollably as she walks by

"I heard that Alan, you're funny" she says walking by, she looks at me but doesn't say anything but "hey Aaron" the way she says my name is enough to make me fall in love with her, then I remember, the girl with the bracelet, I quickly look, that's the bracelet

"You better give that to her" Adam says walking by on the green grass, I walk to the back of the moving van and wait for the girl to come back

"Alan you better stop flirting with me, I will embarrass you so bad" she laughs, can't keeping serious

"Hey" I get her attention when she walks around

"What's up?" she asks

"This is yours" I say holding my hand out with the charm of a star in it, her face lights up as she takes it

"Oh thank you where did you find it" she asks closing it in her hand

"It fell off of your bracelet at the mall two months ago" I reply putting my hands in my pockets

"But how did you know it was mine?" she questions smiling slightly

"How can I forget a face as beautiful as yours" I attempt to flirt, she blushes and smiles the cutest smile I have ever seen

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