Chapter 5 : Sorry Just Doesn't Cut It

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Chapter 5: Sorry Just Doesn't Cut It

Mason's POV

My mind reels with the hundred of things I have to get done before the party tonight. As my mind reels it always wanders back to one touchy subject. Wyatt. Even as I think of him I can't help but smile. I lay out a tight red dress on my bed. Wyatt will definitely want to be more after tonight.


I watch as Wyatt jaunts through the front door of the already crowded house. I start to walk up to him but stop myself not wanting to seem desperate. Instead I go get a drink for myself, then go towards him. Wyatt looks lost as his eyes wander around the room which is unusual for him, he is usually stolid. I place my cup down on the table and smooth out my red dress with the palm of my hands.

"Hey Wyatt," I say slowly.

He barely acknowledges me, only shooting a nod in my direction.

What's going on here?

I lean closer into him. "Maybe later we could go up to my room and play some games?" I whisper seductively

"I rather not play games with someone like you," he spits.

"Excuse me?" I ask offended.

What the hell?

"Wyatt, wha-"

"Why do you hate Layla? Why are you such a bitch to her?" He cuts me off.

This takes me by surprise. Why the hell does he care?

"Why do you give a damn? What the hell is with the sudden interest of that mute?"

"She has a name! She's your damn sister and she has a name!"

I see Layla out of the corner of my eyes collecting red cups. That bitch. I walk towards her as quickly as I can in heels.

"What the fuck did you do you little bitch? What did you tell Wyatt that he thinks you're little Miss Innocent?" I yell angrily.

Everyone's heads turn towards Layla and I in the center of the room.

She stays quiet and this time I want her to talk. To say something.

"Say something damnit! What the hell did you say about me!"

"I don't understand-"

"Stop acting so fucking innocent Layla, what did you say?"

"Leave her the fuck alone Mason."

I turn my head around, searching for the mysterious voice. Conner.

I knock the red cups from Layla's hand angrily, allowing some liquid to spill onto her shirt.

"What are you going to do about it Conner?" I ask venomously.

"Why don't you stop being so damn desperate for Wyatt that you'll blame your own sister for him not wanting you!" He shouts

"Don't talk to her like that!"

I turn my head to my right and see Carmen. Finally someone who is on my side.

"That crazy bitch that you call a friend ruins everything for Mason!" Carmen directs to Layla.

"Conner why don't you shut the hell up! You weren't there for Layla before why are you acting as if you haven't hurt her either!" I hear Wyatt yell.

"You- you saw that?" Layla asks Wyatt, embarrassed.

Wyatt nods stiffly.

"Boo fucking hoo. No one gives a damn!" Carmen says harshly.

"Just shut up Carmen!" Conner and Wyatt say in unison.

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