chapter one:Jackass 3D

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Disclamire: I do not own twilight or the jackass/viva la bam crew.

its been three whole years sin the fight between me and my sister who shall not be named.amelia is now four and our son Brandon Ryan Margera was now three.he acts just like his father jumping off things and running into and thinks its funny which scares me about how much he does it but bam said not to worry about it.we were now settling into bams trailer because he was filming jackass.the kids were at lisas house for a few weeks because I was gonna stay with bam as he filmed.

"bella you sure that you want to stay?", he asked

"we already talked about this.I'm going to stay here", l said

"okay,I won't ask anymore"

"how long are you guys gonna be filming?", I asked

"probably a year", he answered


"who's that?", I asked

"probably johnny", he guessed

"hey asshole", a man said

"hey spike", he greeted

"who's the chick?", he asked

"bella remember the girl I married?", he reminded

"oh yea I couldnt recognize with you hair down.the last time I saw you was when you had your hair up", he laughed

"thanks?", I said

"bam were starting today here", he said while giving bam a bag

"what is this?", he asked

"just put it on and go to the screening room", he said then left

"what is that?", I asked

he opened the bag then pulled out a big pink cup cake costume with sprinkles

"oh my gosh?", I laughed

"this is so gay", he murmered

"I think its cute...put it on.", I said

he took his shirt off and I just stared at his structure.even with all his tattoos he looked mermerizing.

"do you like something you see?", he asked

"maybe", I said

"do you want it?",he smiled

"not now"

"if you say so", he said as he put on the costume

"oh wait there's a hat", I said as I lefted it up

I put it on his head when I did that he lightly grabbed my face and kissed me and I kissed back.but we interrupted by someone banging in the door.

"come on y'all two!!", spike yelled

"let's go we're being summoned", he said

"ok my strawberry shortcake", I snickered

"don't call me that ever again", he demanded

"you know if mel was here she would love this", I said

"I know..but she wouldn't let me take it off"

"true", I smiled

he took my hand and we walked out of the trailer and went to the screening room or building I don't know what's it called.but I was greeted by everyone.then they and bam went somewhere.

"hey bella!", jeff said

"hey", I said as I gave him a hug

"you can be with me as they're filming", he said as he pulled a chair out

"ok, thank you", I said as I sat down

"action!", he said

when he said that the door opened with the entire crew walking out looking ridiculouse and johnny looked like the only normal clothed person.they walked in a line high fiving eachother,slapping eachother on the ass,then dunk slapped bam on the head then bam shooked his body then kept walking.then they lined up with the rainbow behind them.

"cut!", he called

"does everything they do monitor?", I asked

"most of it yeah they have to tell me or a camera guy that they're about to prank someone", he said

"oh,does it get hectic?"

"oh yes it does with these jackasses yes it does", lance said from behind

then I laughed.

"you know your apart of the crew?", he said

"I am why?", I asked

"because your an awesme girl and I've heard of the pranks you've done from johnny they're awesome."

"well thank you", I said with a smile

"ok,Jackass 3D take two,action.

"hi,I'm johnny knoxville and welcome to jackass", he greeted then was hit in the head by a ballon

"oh shit", I whispered

"he's fine", he whispered

the film countinued with steve o jumping into a fan,bam getting hit in the stomach,weeman getting hit with fish,and everyone doing stupid stuff for hours.

"we're done for the day", jeff annouced

"that was hilarious", I laughed

"this was all johnnys idea", he said

"does he come up with the ideas?"

"some of them...most of them", he answered

bam walked towards me with his zoo keeper costume because he was shooting paintballs at ehren.


"that was hallrious", I laughed

"I know"

"ok guys I'll see y'all later", he said

"its dark outside what time is it?", I asked


"god can we get some food?", he said as we walked back to the trailor

"yeah I guess"

"what do you ?"

"what's in the foodcourt?", I asked

"food", he said sarcastically

"no like what do you want?", I asked

"I don't care honestly"

"I'll be back with some food", I assured

"thanks pub", he said as he gave me a long kissed

"ok,babe I'm hungry can I get some food", I said between the kiss

"yeah", he said

I walked into the building and i made my way to the food court and got some sandwitches.I brought them back to the trailor.and gave him one.

"thanks", he said while taking a bite

"so how do you do tv for over a year?", I asked as we ate

"I'm fine with this...but since your here I don't need tv", he snickered as he finished up

"that's true",I said

then I took his plate and mine and put it in the trash.I turned to him and hungriliy kissed and he kissed back.then we had an awesome night...without t.v.

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