Chapter 5

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Kendall's P.O.V

"Finally it's the weekend and we have party's to go to" I said to Makayla.

This weekend we have a party at this this girl Ambers house. I am so excited because Tristan will be there.

"Yea I can't wait" she replied excitedly.

Probably since Conner is gonna be there and things are going good for them. They went on there second date last last Saturday and he asked her to be his girlfriend. It was adorable.....well from what I heard.

*that night*

"Ok so what are we gonna wear boo?"

"I don't know but I know what you should wear chuch" Makayla said with a sly smile.

Okay now I am scared

"What do you think I should wear" I said with a raised eye brow

"This white dress and black heels with a red bottom and I will do your hair and make up and you will look gorge for Tristan"

"Aww thx boo that's so nice of you and this is gorge"

"Ok let's get started"

"Wait what are you gonna wear......oh I know"

"What are you thinking chuch"

"How about coral dress with white heels"

"Do you think we are going a little over dressed"

"No because all of Ambers parties are formal but still super fun"

"K now let's change"

*Later that night*

"Ok last check before we go in" Makayla said excitedly

"Ok, you look beautiful. Conner will be stunned"

"It's all thanks to you. And you look gorgeous Tristan will ask you out tonight for sure"

"And that's all thanks to you. And let's hope he does" I said laughing

*walks in he house*

"Omg this party is crazy Kendall"

"Yea I know, they always are now you go find Conner I am gonna go get a drink"

"Ok see you later"

"K bye"

I went to the kitchen. But on my way to the kitchen I saw to people making out in the living room. They kinda look familiar. Whatever, so I just shrugged it off and kept walking.

I got my drink and went outside to go dance. Even though there were so many sweaty body's next to me I was having fun.

"Hey Kendall" I heard a familiar voice call from behind me.

"Oh hey Amber, this is a great party"

"Oh thanks I am so glad you could make it" "I am gonna go check on things inside I will see you later"

"Oh ok bye"

"Omg did you see Tristan and Brooke in the living room" I heard two girls talking from behind me. I knew it wasn't gonna be good for me to listen in but I was anyway.

"No what happened"

"We'll I was walking to the kitchen and passed by the living room and saw them making out"

"How do you know it was them"

"Well when I looked away then looked back they pulled away I saw both there faces then the went back to making out"

"Omg that' I would never think"

"Right well c'mon I am hungry lets go eat"

Once they walked away I could feel that I was on the brim of tears. I thought he liked me and now he is hooking up with Brooke. I am so pissed. Right then and there are I ran to the bathroom and cried my eyes out.

That is until someone opened the door. I looked up at the figure in front of me and said.....

"What are you doing here?"

"Kendall, what happened...." They said, with concern evident in there voice.

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