Chapter 9

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LeAnn's POV

Well today was Monday, the start of my last week of high school, I was so excited. As I woke up I went to the bathroom and showered after about 10 minutes in there I got out put on some clothes like a bra, underwear, a sweater a black pair of jeans, and my Uggs, and straightened my hair.

As I was walking out of my room I bumped into Niall, I am so sorry Niall are you ok? I asked very concerned " yeah I fine are you ok? " he asked. Yeah I was the one that bumped into you in the first place. " it's ok LeAnn no worries. hey do you want a ride to school" he said, umm no thanks I can walk thanks though. " ok be careful ok, I don't want you getting hurt alright? " he said. Ok father I said, and kissed his cheek.

I was surprised becomes when I walked to school my " bullies " were not even here, wow that's weird.

[ At School ]

I heard that Mike, Jesse, Cj, JD, and Kevin were in prison for, doing drugs, driving under age, and being a bully. well that just Made my last week of school even better.

[ After school ]

As I was walking out of school I saw Harry standing there I guess waiting for me to get out of school.

Hey can I help you with something? I asked Harry " yeah I was wondering if we could go get some coffee or something?" asked Harry. Why are you just saying that, and them going to take me somewhere and beat me like you did Niall? I asked. " No, no LeAnn I would never do that to you, I was stupid then ok?" he said, ok well can you just apologize brocade I really don't want to get coffee with you, I am not a coffee fan sorry. I said, " that's ok. LeAnn I so, so, so, so sorry for what I did to Niall I know that you love him and I just want to say I sorry." Harry said. I except your apology but I can forgive but never forget ok? I said, but now you need to go tell Niall you are sorry so go now, and can I get a ride back I do t want to walk? I asked. "Yeah, thanks fine, and I am going to tell Niall I am sorry. " said Harry

Niall's POV

So I was at home waiting for LeAnn to get back from school when I heard a knock on my door. Come in, I said " hey can we talk for minute ?" asked Harry. Yeah that's fine. I said. " Hey I want to say I am sorry so, so , so, sorry for what I have done to you." said Harry. Well Harry I accept you I can forgive you but I can never forget, sorry mate. I said, " no it's ok don't apologize, I was the one that screwed up ok?" he said and then walked out

LeAnn's POV

So I am goof to go to Niall's room and see what he is doing I told myself, as I knocked on the door I heard him say, " come in!" niall yelled. " Oh my gosh LeAnn I missed you so much I love you, I miss you can you sleep with me to night? " Niall asked, Yes, yes I will Niall I missed you to, but I am really tired so can we go to bed I know it only 8:30pm but I am soo tired. I said, "yeah sure no problem as long as if I am with you I am happy. " he said, well ok then let me get changed and I will be back. [ 5 minutes later ]

Hey hey Nialler, ready for some sleep I asked, " yes I am a bit tired my self." he said. " good night LeAnn I love you." he whispered in my ear, good night Niall I love you too. I said before falling asleep.

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