Chapter 1

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*The first pov is in a flashback!*

Avery's Pov

" Thalia!" I yelled.

I frantically searched for Thalia, Annabeth, Grover, and Luke.

" Over here!" She yelled.

I ran towards her voice and saw her standing there cornered with Annabeth, Grover, and Luke. I looked up at the huge monster and it was already looking at me. A cold shiver went up my spine and I was shaking. I quickly ran to them.

" Avery, no! You run!" Luke yelled.

I shook my head and stood there with them.

" Go guys. I'll distract it." Thalia said.

We all ran towards the arch that said ' Camp Half-Blood' in greek.


I turned towards the sound and saw Thalia lying on the ground and the cyclops was laughing.

" Haha stupid daughter of Zeus! You can't trick me!" He said and walked away.

We all stood there scared out of our minds. I looked at them and they looked at the arch.

" L-lets go." I said.

I wanted to go back to Thalia, but we already know that she was gone. There was nothing we could do. We ran through the arch and down the trail until we saw the camp. Its go time.

We stood there staring at everyone. There were so many people here. Well, Half-Bloods as my mom called them.

Go to Chiron. He will help you.

I remembered my mom saying. I saw a person about to walk by so I grabbed their arm.

" Do you know where Chiron is?" I asked.

They saw our cuts and bruises and nodded their head quickly. They hurried us to a building that looked like the head office.

" Chiron! There are people here to see you!" They yelled.

A man half horse came out and looked at us.

" Hello, my name is Chiron." He said while staring at us.

We were all crying from Thalia, and we hurt... like.. really bad. I got thrown at a tree, Luke got punched, Grover got stabbed, and Annabeth got cut. We looked rough.

" You are very very young." He said.

" We're only ten." Annabeth said.

Goodness she has an attitude.

" Well c'mon let's get you into some cabins and then we will get someone to clean you up." He said.

3rd Persons Pov

While Annabeth, Luke, Grover, and Avery got cleaned up by a camp director, Thalia was growing. Her father, Zeus, didn't want her to die like that, so he grew her into a tree. A tree that would protect the whole camp from harm. She grew day by day. Soon enough she was a big pine tree, stretching into the sky. Annabeth, Luke, Grover, and Avery go see the tree everyday. Glad that she wasn't completely dead, made them feel better.

*6 years later*

Avery's Pov

" Avery! C'mon! " Annabeth yelled.

Ever since Thalia died, Annabeth hasn't been kind to me. I mean, I know Thalia was our good friend, but she doesn't have to be rude to me.

" Alright calm down!" I yelled.

I ran out of the cabin and went to the weapon storage where Annabeth had said to go. I ran towards the room until I finally reached it.

" Hey Anna-"

Before I could finish, I felt a sharp pain in my head and blackness over took me.

Percy's Pov

I ran through the woods with my mom and Grover.

" C'mon!" Grover yelled.

I looked back as the huge bull thingy came at us. We reached a.huge tree and an arch that I oddly knew what it said ' Camp Half-Blood'. Things have been odd for me today. I got attached by some old lady saying, Where is the lightning bolt, Grover is half goat, and im supposedly a half-blood. Isn't that crazy? We reached the arch and ran through. I looked back and saw my mom couldn't come through.

" C'mon mom!" I yelled.

" I can't get through! Im not like you!" She yelled.

I looked behind her and saw the bull like thing come straight ahead and grab my mom.

" Put her down!" I yelled.

My mom dissolved into dust and I felt the anger arise in me. I grabbed my pen and pushed it down. It arose into a sword and I stumbled back. I quickly vanished the shock and ran infront of a tree. The thing ran at me but I ran out of the way. its horn got stuck in the tree, but it still tried to get to me.

Finally, his horn broke off and stumbled back. I grabbed the horn and stabbed him in the heart. Me and Grover both ran past the arch and into Camp Half-Blood.

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