A Shepherds Life

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Chapter 3-Burgers, fries, and BAM

I walked down the sidewalk, Baxter trotting behind me.

We swerve, avoiding someone's giant feet.

After a whiles walking, we see a fat man on a bench eating a large cheese burger and some fries.

I look at Baxter, and I know he's thinking what I'm thinking.

I walk up to the man and whine my loudest whine.

He looks down at me, and right at that moment, Baxter rips the burger out of his hands.

When he turns to see what happened, I grab his fries.

Then, we bolt.

The man is chubby, but he's just fast enough to catch Baxter.

"Baxter!", I howl but it's too late.

The fat man throws Baxter into the street.

While Baxter is getting up, a large, red truck comes up and smacks him, it's horn blowing.

"BAXTER!!!", I scream at the top of my lungs.

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