Chapter 4 part 1

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ok so I am finally going to switch Pov's to Kili's
--------------Chapter 3----------
Kili's pov:

Uncle Thorin asked me to help a huge wolf grab her things?!How does he know she has a pack or weapons?!

The small walk was silent well she can't talk so obviously the walk would be quiet.
"Can you understand what I am saying?"I asked finally my curiosity bursted out of me.
She nodded her head in reply-Wait!Nodded?!Wolves can't nod as far as I know?!What in the name of Durin is going on?!
The Black and Red-brown wolf stop were she was and faced me.I stop since she was going to tell me,She put her forehead on my chest.(Which was quiet big I may add.)I heard mumbling in my head in an ancient language I couldn't understand,Then it got louder(Translated into English)
"Who will help them when kingdoms fall, when fires are raging and water is gone. When Ashes turn white and stars go black, who will help you when They fall"
She was in my head.

Her little poem is mine

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