Chapter 18

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Everyone is the room yelled in sync,"WHAT?!?"

I took a big gulp and I think Dylan knew that I was scared cause he gave me a peck on the cheek and told me to calm down as I was hyperventilating. "HOLY BANANA PINK PINEAPPLE FUDGE UNICORN CAKES!!!" I looked over as that came from my pink unicorn's mouth. I laughed at her words then I became scared again.

"J calm your pink unicorn pineapple prettyful mouth down.." I whispered as my throat hurt badly. Then Dylan handed me water as I rubbed my throat and drank the water. and then for once Zayn talked. "holy crap.... this is bad!" I looked over as a tear fell from my eye and then there was a knock at the door. Jordan opened it as I gasped in joy as it was...


Holy fudge cakes!! who do u think was at the door?!?!? and do you think Niall will come back? And I'm so so so sorry this was a shirt chapter!


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