Night 2

 "Oh, crap, I'll forget where the stuff is!" Steve said, "Well, good thing I made that door, otherwise I would probably be screwed"

 The lost boy really did not know what to do when night time came around, especially with the fact that he had no armor and no weapons. "Well, first priority for tomorrow is make a bed... but how?" Steve wondered aloud. He had no clue how to make stuff, and he was still confused about the whole 'trapped in a dream world' problem. Steve had thought he heard his friends talking about a world called "minecraft" but he was not exactly sure if this was it and, as far as he knew, he was all alone. He heard a groan outside and instantly became tense, worry and fear burned through him. "Crap! I need to wake up! Come on Steve wake up, wake up, this is all a dream! Come on I need to wake up" Steve yelled, tears welling up in his eyes, something he almost never did and hated admitting to when he did.Steve started getting homesick and just wanted to go home.

authors note

well i decided that putting that in there was a little bit early so i deleted it. sorry it's been a long time but school and stuff. then you might think "what about the summer?" well i didn't really think about it then. well sorry see you later.eEditor xNeonFrenzyx and creator meowmers123. Meowmers out.

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