Switching Souls?

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Louis' POV:

I hear someone yelling to get up. I mumble something about being tired. Wait, that's not my voice! I open my eyes and see a frustrated girl standing over me. I look around the room, and see pink walls with music posters, including One Direction. "How?" I ask myself. "What?" Says the girl. "You slept late. You're usually up by 8:00." She said. "Yeah, um.." I say. I keep calm, I don't want her thinking I'm not her friend. Who is this guy? I look down and my eyes widen. I'VE GOT BOOBIES! "I need to go, can you walk me home?" "Sure, why?" She asks. "Doctors appointment." I say, but it comes out more like a question. "Okay." She says totally buying it. We leave and walk right next door. "Call me later, k?" She says. "Yup." I say. I run to the door, and it opens. "Yes!" I say to myself. I go in and lock it behind me. I go up go a pillow, and scream in it. "AHHHHH! THIS ISN'T WHAT I WANTED! NOT TO SWITCH SOULS!" I shout. Then I get up and look around at this girls house. It says Aria. I guess that's her, I mean my name. Aria. Hmm, pretty. I look in the mirror, and a beautiful girl looks back at me. She has red velvet hair, obviously dyed, dimples, and she's just so pretty. I hop in the shower, and wash my or her hair. Then I find her room, and walk in her closet. She has some cute clothes and I put together something Eleanor would wear. A flowy striped shirt, and ripped jean shorts. Then some Sperrys. I walk into the bathroom again and set up my attempt at hair and makeup.

Aria's POV:

"LOUIS WAKE UP!" Several voices shout. Olivia, Char's sister, must have friends over. Boy friends, hmm. I'll get up to. I open my eyes and look around. "AHHH" Shouts a mans voice. I cover my mouth. OMG, my hands are huge! I look around the room, and find a boring bashe color covering the room. This is definitely not Char's apartment... Four boys come rushing in asking if I'm okay. "Do I know you?" "Louis, you played this prank yesterday." The one with the buzz cut said. Prank? "No, I'm serious." I said. "I'm Aria, I live in New York City." "Nice try Lou." Says one that sounds Irish. "Want me to prove it? Please give me a phone." They point to a desk, with an iPhone 5c on it. This kids got some money! I dial in my number, and click call. I put it on speaker. When someone answers, I say, "Hi Louis. I'm Aria."

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