Life as I know it

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A day in the life of McKenna isn't as easy as you think. You know how everyone has their own way of dealing with things? Well I don't have one. I let my emotions build up until I explode. I'm sorry I haven't been able to update this story but I'm back now and I'm a junior so let's start off in ninth grade I was in school and heard there was a new kid. I met the new kid and I developed a huge crush right away. We ended up talking a lot and partnering up to do math together. He started coming over to my house after school to do homework. At my house we would start doing homework and end up talking and listening to music instead. We started hanging out more and more. We started skipping to do the homework we weren't doing while we hung out. We stopped doing homework and started sneaking out at midnight so we could hang out. We were becoming best friends and we did everything together. He started staying nights and weekends at my house. It was amazing, until I started falling in love. In school he would tickle me on my sides a lot. It was cute. Everyone said we should date. But he wouldn't date me for some reason we were perfect for each other. Many more things happened and we aren't friends anymore. last summer we camped together for a week because me and my mom, little sister, and my mothers bf were basically homeless. We bought a trailer and my "love" helped fix it up with my moms bf. He stayed with us for a few days when we started staying in the trailer and then he had to go back home. When he went home he wouldn't talk to me and started to talk shit about me to other people. He wouldn't tell me why but he said he wasn't going to be friends with me anymore. Around Christmas time we started talking again because i got him a present and he told me he moved three hours away. We hung out a few times and talked on kik and now we don't talk. I went to a new school last year and it was alright, but i was still depressed. This summer I moved in with my aunt and I have never been happier. I have been a lot happier, I started school and I have friends now. I don't get made fun of anymore and nobody is mean, but there is this chic that is so annoyinng and now I have to restrain myself from hitting her in the mouth. Well I think this will be the end of my really messed up out of order story. Goodbye.

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