Chapter One

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Harry’s POV

*first day of high school*

“Mum, I’m going to be late!” I wish she would just let me walk to school, but no, she has to drive me!

“Harry, shut up already, I’m coming!” She hurried into the room and grabbed her keys. “Ready?”

“Have been for the past five minutes.” We walked out into the sunny Indiana weather, towards the car. It’s my first day of a brand new school, in a new country, in a new world it seems like. I don’t want to be late! I don’t know why I’m so excited, everyone is going to make fun of me. It happens everywhere. Just because Scott found out..

*At school*

I slammed my rusty locker shut and headed towards the cafeteria. My morning classes were really boring, because it’s the first day, and well, it’s always boring. A senior-looking guy shoved me into the wall, while his fellow letterman-jacket-sporting friends laughed. Ouch. I rolled my eyes and walked into the crowded lunchroom. I decided to skip the food, because quite frankly, it looked disgusting. Typical. I found James, a guy in my second period class, and decided to sit with his table. They’re all laid-back and chill, by the looks of it. “Hey, man, that’s my seat.” I rush to get up, only to here friendly laughter. “Dude, I was just kidding.” I looked into a friendly face and felt mine go red. The guy stuck his hand out, with a goofy smile plastered on his face. “I’m Aaron, who’re you?”

“Harry.” My accent was thick and I internally winced, not wanting to stick out.

“Awesome. By the sounds of it, you’re new here. Where are you from? Are you a freshman? Do you play sports?” Oh my, so many questions. James pulled Aaron by the sleeve, as if telling him to slow down.

“Uhm, I’m from Holmes Chapel, I’m a freshman, and I play soccer.” I looked down at the seat I was just sitting in and decided that I was going to continue sitting there. The other guys continued on with their lives as if a new kid from another country was something that happened every day. Which was just fine with me.

The bell just rang and I started to walk out the lunch doors when the same guy from before pinned me to the wall. His breath reeked of mary-jane and I nearly gagged. I looked into his cold, brown eyes and made sure he couldn’t read my expression. What would he do if he found out I was-

“Hey, skinny boy.” I wasn’t that skinny. I had muscle.

“What’s your problem?” My voice was strong, much stronger than I felt.

“You. You think I’d let a fag come into my school? Try again little cunt.” I hated that word with every fiber in my being. Every. Single. Fucking. Fiber.

“Zayn, that’s enough. Don’t waste all your words today. Who knows how long he’ll be here.” A guy with brown hair lightly gelled up and blue eyes spoke up. He was one of the guys in this guy- Zayn’s- little posse.

“Shut up, Louis. Let me teach little gay boy here a lesson.” Shit, shit, shit. He knows. He fucking knows I’m gay. Holy fucking hell. Alright, stay calm. Remain emotionless.

“Zayn, stop! He’s not worth it!” Louis spoke up yet again. He has a soccer patch on his jacket. As do the rest of them. Guess I’m not playing this year. I found a little bit of respect for Louis, as he stood up for me, in a way. He was a good 6 inches shorter than Zayn, and a lot skinnier. But, he still stood up to him.

Zayn brought back his hand as if to punch me, but decided against it and tossed me to the ground. He snapped his fingers and the whole group left with him. Louis, though, looked back at me with an unreadable expression. It looked like, remorse, sympathy, and sadness? I didn’t really look close enough to find out.

I was late to my English class, but the teacher just smiled politely and ushered me to a seat. Right Really? Fuck you, life! Zayn was on my right side, and Louis was on my left. This drags. Maybe I can get a different seat? A note landed on my desk and I looked first to Louis, then to Zayn. Louis was paying attention to the board whereas Zayn was texting. I quietly opened up the paper.

“bathroom. Five minutes. Don’t be late. Don’t make me mad, Skinny boy. I can do worse than Zayn.”

I looked up to see Louis leaving the room, and waited five minutes. I pretended I didn’t feel all eyes on me as I asked to use the restroom. Luckily, the teacher nodded and off I went. I slipped into the bathroom, trying to steady my breath. He won’t hurt me, right? He wouldn’t..right?

“Skinny boy.” I looked up to see Louis, smoking a cigarette. I slightly nodded, acknowledging him. “What’s your name?”

“Harry.” Short and sweet, right?

“Where you from?” I’d rather not play 20 questions in a nasty bathroom..

“Holmes Chapel.” Should I make eye contact, or..

“Age.” Not even a question, this time.

“15.” Will this be over soon?

“I’m Louis Tomlinson. Junior. Soccer captain. Don’t pay attention to Zayn. He’s on an ego trip.”

I remained motionless. That was honestly not what I was expecting.

“I’ll protect you, kay? Don’t mention this to anyone, Skinny Boy. I mean Harry.” He pushed a paper into my palm and strode out. I glanced at the paper to see 10 digits looking back. Well, fuck.


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