Ch 3

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I groaned, but didn't open my eyes. (Who's calling me?) I thought before finally opening my brown eyes to find complete and utter darkness. I was no longer in wolf form.


I strained my eyes trying to find the source of the voice. "W-Who's there?" I called out.


I tried to listen closely before it clicked at whose voice it was. "L-Link..." I blinked to find Link on the ground a few feet away. I gasped, "Link!" I ran over and kneeled beside him. 

He looked badly beaten. He had blood streaming down from his head to his chin. His green tunic looked a bit damaged, but what shocked me more was the deep gash that went from his stomach to his right hip and his right side was pouring out blood like it was no tomorrow.

I placed a hand on his side making him tense up and yelp before opening his eyes to look up at me from ground.

His once sparkling blue eyes were now dull.

"Oh, Link... Who did this to you?" I asked lifting him into my arms.

"Claire..." He sounded like he was in massive pain. "Find the Fused Shadows... With Midna..." He coughed making him gasp in pain which made my heart squeeze tightly.

I placed a hand on his cheek and placed my head on his as I felt tears stream down my eyes. 

"Please... Gather help... You cannot defeat this enemy alone..." He said panting unable to move because of the pain.

I nodded before placing a hand on his side. I leaned downward and pecked him on the lips. "LInk, dont give up... Please stay strong... I'll come rescue you... I promise." I told him as his eyes started to close. I then felt something tug me. I leaned down again and kissed him. "This time... I'll protect you." I told him before everything faded to white.

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