Chapter 14

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We walked in the room and seen Liam sitting on the couch,

"Harry, Lexi" he said coming to greet us

"Hey" we both said and just looked at each other,

"Um why don't we go and see the other boys"

"Good Idea" I said agreeing with Liam,

We walked across the hall and seen the room. We walked in and seen Louis and Zayn

"Where Niall"

"I don't know love"

The guys walked over and gave Hugs to us, we were talking and then my eyes widen when I seen Hailey with Niall.


"Harry is that Nialls girlfriend"

"I guess" I just stared at her and she and Niall were obviously tweeting because I went on my phone and seen tweets going back and forth, Is she really dating Niall I can't go on your with her she can not go on tour with me this is all to much for me to handle. Niall and Hailey walked out of the room and I was still in shock "Harry babe i'm going to go lay down I don't feel so good"

"Do you me to come"

"No I'm fine" I said and walked back into our room,

Oh my god, Hailey never texts, tweets, or calls back I tried to be nice to her and she just doesn't talk. I can tell she doesn't want to be around me. Okay Lexi just stay away from Hailey and try to get along, I shouldn't tell Harry he will just say "are you sure you can stay with me we don't have to be around them" and crap like that but I really want Harry to be here with me right now,

'Hey Harry can I come play some ghosts with you and the lads' I texted Harry

'sure love come on over' I quickly got up and put on my nice, polite face and walked over to play some COD.

Me and Hailey used to play this game when we were kids and swore and stuff,

"Lexi look who came over" Louis said and I walked over to play, I was playing with Louis and then who ever got the lowest score had to pass the controller. At least I was pretty good I thing.

Okay Lexi and Hailey meet again yay hope u like the chapter :)

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