Crush Catastophe

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Dear Kat,

Last night, I was at a sleepover with a bunch of girls from school. We were watching a movie, and decided to play truth or dare afterwards. They asked me who my crush was and there was no backing out. All eyes were on me as I spilled. They all stared in shock. I'd never told a crush before, and now I don't know what to do.


Dear Anonymous,

I am assumin based on the sleepover guests, you are a girl, hehe. No duh! Well, I am going to tell it to you straight, I want to punch everyone who says "all they can do is say no" in the face. Let me tell you a quick little story. Kat liked Zach. Kat asked Zach out. Zach showed Kat's brother the ask out note. Zach told class. Zach texted no. Kat died.

  Ok, so maybe I didn't die....but true story. Though as embarrasing as it was, you will never find Mr. Right if you don't ever ask! Embarrassment dies. Secrets don't. You can hold on forever, but if you tell this guy, worst case scenario, he says no. Best case scenario, you land a boyfriend. I have boy problems of my own. #brokenheart

Hope this helps and Merry Christmas!



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