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Chapter 1

I hear the rush of the cars on the busy street next to me. I just got off the phone with my ex, Liam. He said the usual, he misses me and he wants to get back together. I'm on the way to the store. Ever since my mom died of cancer and my dad won't even acknowledge my existence I've been alone a lot. I'm 19 so it doesn't make a difference. I have been living in a hotel for the past week so my options are limited. I wait at the bus stop for about 15 minutes when the bus turns around the corner and arrives to where I'm standing. I walk up the steps and smile at the bus driver. He returns my smiles and asks me where I'm headed. I say" just to the corner of 34th and Ivory. I take a seat toward the back of the nearly empty bus. I put my purse next to me and pop in my headphones. I look out the window and daydream. I realize that a little bit along the street we stop. I look to the front of the bus to see what's happening. A cute boy runs up the steps and then quietly makes his way to the back of the bus He looks up at me with a quirky little smile and asks me," um hi there beautiful. is this seat taken?" I look around a the bus at all the other empty seats and quietly say "haha uh sure." He has dark flippy hair that he flips every five seconds and he's just so cute oh my . ughh. He holds his hand out and says ,'Hi again lovely, my name's Sam, Sam Leonard." I shake his hand and say," I'm Lily, last name not important." he does a cute little laugh and then he asks me if I know anything about phones and I reply simply and quietly. "will you look at it for me?" Sam said. I say sure and take the phone. He quickly adds," oh and if it isn't too much to ask you could put your number in?" I could feel myself blushing and I smiled. Before I knew it, it was my stop to get off.

Chapter 2

I got home and I checked my phone. Still nothing from Sam. I had some food and took a shower. I fell asleep on the couch and woke up a little later on. I rubbed my eyes and looked out the window. "Hmm still dark." I thought to myself. I walked over and unplugged my phone. 2 missed messages from Sam . I texted him back 'hey' and he replied quickly ,"why up so late love?" I couldn't help but smile to myself. Maybe we could be a ... I stopped, I didn't want to ruin what we already had. I responded," can't sleep." A couple minutes went by and he

replied," haha same with me love."

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