Forget The Horror Here: Chapter 24- A Cold Welcome

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I was scared. I was scared to know what had happened while I was out cold. My vision was hazy and the little light in the room hurt my eyes. I made little effort to push away whatever was cold and metal-like pressed against my chest over my heart.

"Why'd you have to bust her up like that?" A woman's voice asked.

"I didn't want to but the little bitch attacked first." Someone replied. It was the same voice from earlier.

"Her heart rate seems fine. But her nose will take a while to heal."

"My nose?" I groaned. I tried to focus my eyes on the dark skinned, chubby lady in front of me. She was wearing a stethoscope around her neck and reading glasses on her head.

"It's rather broken. Merle here doesn't know how to handle women." The nurse lady laughed, gesturing to the man sitting on the chair behind her. Merle?

"Bullshit. I know how to handle women when they don't try to break my jaw." he fiddled with a small lighter in his hand. I sat up, my back popping painfully, and looked around. Picture frames hung on the beige walls and a quaint little bookshelf sat in the corner of the windowless room.

"Where am I?" I asked the woman.

"I'm not the one to explain everything. The Governor will be in shortly. For now," The woman packed up her medical supplies. "Merle will stay here to keep an eye on you. And Merle, don't lay a finger on this girl, or she'll probably beat the living hell out of you." The woman remarked before she left the room. I sat and thought 'Where the hell have I heard the name Merle before?'

"My baby brother wasn't happy to see me. He didn't care that ol' Merle was alive. No." He shook his head. "He just kept screamin' at me to tell him where you were." Oh.

"So you're Merle Dixon, the infamous baster. Glad to have finally met you. On the other hand, breaking someone's nose isn't the best intro ever, asshole." I said, touching my tender nose.

"And you're Sawyer, the little bitch Daryl's so infatuated with these days." He pulled a pack of cigarettes out of his pockets, lighting and smoking one. I declined his offer to give me one. The room filled with the smell of the smoke. My mind drifted, thinking how sometimes Daryl would smoke, but only when he'd be really stressed.

"Where is Daryl?" I asked just before the door opened and a nice looking man walked in.

"He's somewhere perfectly safe." The man said with a dull southern accent. "I'm guessing you're Sawyer." I nodded, keeping a straight face. The man sat down in one of the other chairs in the room. "Merle, you're excused. Go help Crowley with wall duty."

"Sure thing, Governor." Merle left, leaving me with the man.

"I'm sorry for what he did to you." The Governor apologized.

"Worse has happened." I said, touching my side scar through my shirt. "Where am I exactly?" I asked, hoping to get answers. The Governor stood, motioning for me to do the same. I stood and hesitantly followed him out of the room and down several halls.

"You look nervous." He said as we walked. "I assure you this place is very safe."

"It's not where I am that's bothering me..." I muttered under my breath. We approached a large set of double doors. He took hold of the two handles and pushed the doors open.

"Welcome to Woodbury."

~AN~ Surprise. Peace out, walkers!

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