COGTOWN (Season 2)

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SEASON 2 CHAPTER 1: A NEW START-I walked up the steps. I shook the dog's hand. "Spunk," I told him. "Haydenator," he told me, "but call me Hayden for short." He winked at me. I smiled. I walked in while the rest of them got introduced. "WOAH!" I exclaimed. In the main area there was a long dinner table, a couch, and a giant flat screen TV. The others walked in. "Oh my LORD!" said Lily. Sweet Bee laughed. Midnight smiled. "Come meet everyone," said Hayden. He led us upstairs. We walked into the first bedroom. "Meet Banjo," said Hayden. Banjo was an older brown bear. I shook his hand. "I'm Lily." "I'm Sweet Bee. This went on. We met Banjo the boy brown bear, Stephanie the pink girl pig, Jill the blue girl bunny, Timmy the green boy horse, and Samantha the pink girl horse. They all seemed to be nice people.Hayden led us all to our bedrooms. "Get some rest," he told us. We all went to bed. Lily and I shared a room, because we were short, and Sweet Bee wanted to be alone. Midnight already had his own room. Lily and I got into bed. Then the remembrance of The ChairMan came to mind. I started shaking. "You okay?" Lily asked sweetly and concerned. "It's nothing.." I told her. "Something's up.." she said. I turned to her. "The ChairMan," I said. "he's out there. We escaped, humiliating him. He'll be after US specifically." "Calm

down.." said Lily. She got a little closer. Then her lips meant mine. It was like a whole another sensation! It felt really good. I felt like all the stress was no more. Like I was in another world. It only lasted for a few seconds and I had those feelings. "Goodnight," I said a bit awkwardly. I rolled over and went to sleep, the kiss still running my mind. The next morning, Hayden got Midnight, Banjo, Jill, and I up earlier then everyone else. He led us downstairs to the table. "We're going on a run," he told us. "We need more electricity. Badly. We're fine on gags but its always better to have more. We'll be searching a field office down the street that seems to be abandoned. Any questions?" We all nodded. "This way," he said. He took us to a smaller room filled with weapons, mostly gags. It also consisted of laser guns and goggles. "You have these too?" I asked Hayden. "Have what?" I picked up goggles off of a shelf. "Ahh, yes. We'll be using these alot. Our primary weapon source. More useful than gags. The cogs don't even have to blow up. They are just taken right down." Hayden handed all of us one laser rifle and one laser handgun. I pulled out the

goggles from my pocket and put them on. "Now to the garage.." said Hayden. We walked into the garage. There were racing karts. We all filed into one, Midnight driving. We opened the garage door, drove out, and closed it with the click of a button. We drove down the street for a few minutes until we stopped by the Field Office. We all got out of the car. "Lets go," said Midnight. We walked to the elevator. We all crammed in. DING! The doors shut. We all waited awkwardly... Listening to the music.. DING! The doors opened again. No battle music. No cogs. "Lets do this thang!" said Hayden joyfully. We all split up and started putting things in our bags. Hayden starting whistling a tune. Midnight looked up from his bag and gave him the stink eye. Hayden shut up. We kept packing silently. DING! The cogs' elevator opened. Out walked four Mr.HollyWoods. "Oh.. SHIT!" said Hayden.Banjo pulled out his handgun. PZEWT! PZEWT! Jill grabbed her bag shakily. "JILL!" yelled Banjo. He tossed her his bag. I pulled out my rifle. PZEWT! PZEWT! The Mr.Hollywoods were dodging alot of the lasers. "Midnight! Toss her your bag!" yelled Hayden. Midnight tossed Jill her bag. I did the same. She got them all into the elevator. "Lets go!" she called. We all ran into the elevator. As the doors were closing, Banjo and I kept shooting. PZEWT! PZEWT! PZEWT! We took down three cogs by the time the doors shut. "Lets hurry home.." said Hayden. Jill put the supplies bags in the trunk. "Come on, come on!" yelled Midnight. We hopped in. RRRRTT!!! We were on our way back home.

SEASON 2 CHAPTER 2-WHAT NEEDS TO BE DONE: I woke up the next morning after the day of the run. I tapped Lily on the shoulder. "Hmm..?" she said in a half awake, tired voice. "We need to talk," I said in a stern voice. She sat up. "I've had dreams the past two nights," I began, about The ChairMan. What he's planning to do to us." "Spunk-" "no, just listen. He was tracking us down. In his main headquarters. Cog Nation. Then he found us. He sent a team of skelecogs to come retrieve us and bring us to him. We were taken into captivity, then eliminated. I had this same dream twice now. I've decided we should try to eliminate the main source of the cog threat. That would be The ChairMan." I finished. "Spunk, that's crazy. This sounds like a suicide mission." "Fine!" I said. "I'll speak with Hayden." I hopped out of bed and stormed off, grabbing my laser handgun and holster on my way out. I holstered my blaster and walked downstairs to Hayden's office. I found him in there. "Hayden, may I have a word with you?" I asked. "Sure, what is it?" he said as I sat down. "I think we need to eliminate The Chairman. I've had bad dreams about him the past two nights. I'm just following my gut here, sir." "I see what you mean, Spunk. The question is, HOW do we get there?" "I know his main location," I said, "Cog Nation. Pretty close to here. Just outside the Brrrgh borders." "Hmm..." said Hayden. "Then we would have to come up with a plan. Are you SURE you even want to do this..?" asked Hayden. "This cog killed a good friend. Jelly. Almost got my Sweet Bee killed also. Tried to kill ALL of us!" I finished with anger. Hayden thought for a moment. "I'll notify everyone. Just a moment. Ill see who wants to go." He picked up a microphone. "Would all toons please come to the dining room for an announcement." His voice boomed all over the building. "Lets go," Hayden said. We walked into the dining room. A few minutes later, everyone was down there. "Listen up, guys," said Hayden as he stood up onto the table. "We're going on an assassination mission. We're going to kill The Chairman. Spunk thinks it best." Lily face palmed. I smiled.

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