The Promise - A Zombie Tale

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  • Dedicated to Suzanne <3

Rennin rested her head on the wall behind her. She was in her home, Her friend, Skye, over for the weekend. Who, at the moment, Was snoring with a fluffy pillow covering her face. Taking her eyes off of her, She returned to her notebook riddled with scribbles. She had attempted to write song lyrics, But she had failed miserably and camouflaged her failure with mindless doodles. It was about 11 o'clock in the morning, She had woken up a hour earlier. Careful not to wake her friend, For she much loved sleep and would kill if interrupted.

The sun filtered in from the two windows placed in the square room awkwardly. One was on the far wall, Opposite of the bed, it was a skinny rectangle window. The second window, the next wall to the first, was a evenly, Square window. Yet, It was bolted down long ago and couldn't be opened. They where going to remodel back there, But it never happened. Now Rennin was stuck with a uneventful dip in the wall. The room was a fair size. A Desk, Bed, Dresser, Two Guitars, A Fish tank, Night Stand And T.V fit comfortably in it. Rennin's parents had left the before she awoke. She suspected they where going to run arons. That was their usual routine on Saturdays. Rennin set her pencil on the desk, then leaned back on the wall again. Watching her elderly dog, Shadow, asleep soundly in the rays of sunlight. Listening to the chicken's sound clucking outside.

A few unexpected grunts came from outside the larger window. She would have looked out, But it was spray-painted Grey. Rennin didn't want a chance of the male neighbors seeing her through them, So the paint was quite a good shield. She strained her ears, Staying silent. Last time she had herd similar grunts, Hutch, Her older brother, Had tried do break in. That's who she thought was outside. A moment later, Shadow's ears perked, And he awoke with a low growl in his throttle. He bounded out of his neat basket and padded briskly through the laundry room, Down the few steps to the guest room, and parted the draping curtains with his nose.

Rennin listened, Shuffling, More grunting, And finally, a shriek of a chicken. Shadow barked urgently, Watching. Rennin nudged Skye, a bit more forcefully then she intended.

“What?!” She snarled snatching the pillow and shielding her face from the light.

“Remember Hutch?” Rennin said in a hushed voice, Hearing loud poundings on a flimsy surface.

Shadow still barking, Skye noticed this and her face reappeared as she took the pillow off of her head. “The Violent one?”

“That's him.” Rennin was already quietly rustling around in her nightstand drawer for a little black phone only of emergencies.

“What is he doing here then!?” Rennin shrugged and pushed aside random papers, Random pencil shavings, a old book, and a hated alarm clock before finally resting her hands on a slender black phone. She took it and started to turn it on.

 One Minute left...

Rennin called her mother's number and waited for her to pick up, She almost dropped the phone. The sound of shattering glass and a musical tone reached her ears. “Hello! This is Barbra! Sorry I couldn't-”

And yet again, Her mother's phone was left at home. Why did she always do this at the worst times?

Skye's eyes widened. “It's in the kitchen.” Rennin went pale. They wouldn't be able to call anyone in time. Knowing Hutch, he would definitely start roaring at Rennin, Even if she did nothing wrong. He wasn't all right in the head. Skye saw the worry and waves her hands in a defensive manner. “I will go get it.” With that, She darted out of the room. Rennin instantly started collecting things. He would come sooner or later, She needed to escape with Skye as soon as possible.

Skye entered the kitchen in a rush, She reached the end of the hall way, Then froze. She herd shadow's barking, It was ringing in her ears. She quickly located the bulky, Grey phone and crawled on her hands and knees to retrieve it. She was right in the intruder's line of vision. It was horriftying. He wasn't Hutch at all. From the looks of this guy, She wished it was Hutch. His shirt was covered with massive, Frighting amounts of blood, His glazed-looking eyes made chills run up her spine. She snapped out of the daze, Luckily, She wasn't spotted. The intruder was far more interested in Shadow, Lunging out for him, trying to capture him, But Shadow was dodging around far too much.

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