Too Late

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My eyes opened slowly. As I adjusted to my surrounds I heard my phone buzzing.

I sighed and snoozed it. I trudged into the bathroom.

I stepped into the heated water.

I washed my hair then my body.

I wrapped the towel around my torso. I dig through my drawers.

I pulled out my purple undergarments and pulled them on.

I heard a pound on the door.

"Leanna! Get the bloody door" my sister Charlie yelled from two rooms down the hall.

I wrapped my purple towel around me again.

I opened the door and the cold winter air hit me.

" Hey Liam" I said opened true door more to get him inside.

He smiled and hugged me.

''I'll be right back" I swiftly walked up the stairs.

I grabbed my denim jeans. I pulled on my white long sleeve shirt. I put on some fuzzy socks then my silly Uggs.

I grabbed my shoulder bag and my phone and skipped down the hall into my sisters room. She 20 and I'm 19.

"Charlie, I'm leaving" I said.

"Whatever" she said but I was muffled cause she said it into her pillow.

I rolled I'm eyes and walked back downstairs to Liam.

Yes the Liam Payne.

"Let's go" I diss grabbed my house keys. We went and got breakfast before I went to work. I was a sub for sophomores toady. I only sub sometimes.

Charlie's POV

After 20 minutes of laying in bed debating whether I should get up.

I texted Louis asking him if I could come over to the boys and his flat.

I got up and threw on my grey sweats and my red sweatshirt. I brushed my thick red hair and put it in a maroon colored beanie.

I grabbed my phone charger and phone and skipped down the steps. I grabbed a water and a Red Bull.

I got my eyes and drove to the boys flat.

After about 10 minutes of driving. I pulled up to a familiar flat. I quickly walked up the step and knocked on the door.

"Hey Charlie" Harry said opening the door for me.

"Hey Hazza" I said hugging him.

"Where's Lou" I asked letting the warm air soak in.

He opined upstairs I smiled and began to skip up the steps.

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