Chapter 7: Even More Surprises! Lovely!

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Chapter 7: Even More Surprises! Lovely!

Tyler hand stopped moving. I felt Nick get tense. On the screen was big, bold letters: WEREWOLVES IN RAPID CITY. Underneath it was a picture of the large pack house in all it's glory. You could see the blurred faces of our guards on duty.

"We assume they are werewolves, because we have seen multiple wolves lurking around the house and a few even going into the house." the perky lady said.

I shot out of the bed and to the window. Sure enough, a news van with a large logo on it had a camera on the roof of the car. And it was pointed right into my bedroom window.

I yelped and leaped away from the window. "This isn't good," I said to mainly myself, beginning to pace the length of my room. "They're probably the wolves that were at Formal in disguise, looking for us. They might've seen me when I was looking out the window."

I was rambling on about random things now. What if it's actually aliens? Or dolphin mutations? Too many possibilities. "Luna, hey, let's go talk to Alpha Lincoln." Tyler said as if I were a small child. I nodded numbly, taking his hand. Nick led the way.

Within minutes we were sitting in the tall chairs in Alpha Lincoln's office. I swung my sock-clad feet, barely skimming the floor. My long hair cascaded around my shoulders. "Little Pup." Nick's strong, deep voice coaxed me out of my thoughts. "Hmmm?" I hummed, still halfway in my own little world.

"Did you see anyone in the van?"

That snapped me out completely. "I don't know," I answered shakily. "The windows were extremely tinted. I only got a quick glance, anyways. But the camera was pointed right into my room." I noticed Alpha Lincoln's icy stare studying my face intently. My cheeks burned, making me even more uncomfortable.

He seemed to notice and quickly averted his gaze. "Describe the news report, again to me, please," he said, pulling an Internet browser up on his computer.

As Tyler described the report, I was left to my thoughts again; which sometimes was a very dangerous thing to do. My mind liked to wander so far, it mixed fantasies with realities so you couldn't tell the difference.

I imagined I was being interviewed by the same lady on the screen. I was about to tell her the "wolves" they saw were just large dogs, when I began to shift into my wolf form. I couldn't stop it, and the crowd immediatly fled in horror. I tore apart desks and screens, and police rushed to the pack house and took  the entire pack in for experimentation. It was all my fault.

Shivering, I broke free of my thoughts. Tyler was distracted from his story, looking at me in worry. I smiled at him in reassurance, but I could tell he was not fooled.

When he finally finished, Alpha Lincoln sighed. "We could easily fight these enemy wolves, but we would lose our numbers. Safety comes in numbers. We're going to have to move."

Excuse me?


I lay on my bed, thinking, as Tyler showered. This was all because of me. Because they thought I had some power. Bloody ridiculous.

I thought about what Alpha Lincoln said, about how we would have to move. Because one wolf was causing a disturbance, he wanted to move to protect that wolf and her family. A bold move, purely Alpha reasoning.

But what if they didn't have to move? What if I wasn't making them a target? Yes, that would be best. I have to run away.

But what about Tyler? Nick? My parents? The rest of my pack? They're all my family. They all love me.

Stop it, my inner wolf scolded. You're being selfish.

So you want me to run away? I asked her, half offended and half curious.

It's what's best for this pack, she replied.

Alrighty then, it's settled. I'm going to run.



ah, so many surprises! wonderful!

the story is going to really start to get moving now. so if you were debating on whether or not to keep reading, things are about to get a little crazy. hold on, this'll be a good book, come the end.

Your decision.

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