Chapter 10-Accident

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When we pulled into my driveway, I got out and unlocked the door while Zack got my bag. Once inside, I collapsed on the couch. Zack came in a few minutes later with a cup of tea. I smiled and took a slip.
"What are you upset about? Was it those guys?" I nodded, "You can't let them get to you, ya know?"
"When I was younger and got picked on for being a girl on the hockey team, my mom was there. She was the one who would calm me down. She was the reason why I never gave up. She was why I didn't listen to them. Now that she's gone, I don't have anyone to do that." I wiped a tear falling from my eye.
"I'm here. You dad is here."
"If I tell my dad, he will pull me out of hockey again. You know that."
"That still leaves me here." I nodded. We have only been dating for a few days. But I felt like I could trust him 100%. I hadn't really let anyone into this side of my life in the past year. After my mom passed, I kinda just closed up. I didn't want anyone or anyone to hurt me again. I always knew Mackayla would be here and dad, but what if something happened to them. I didn't want to risk the hurt. But that hurt is apart of life and I have people around who will always be here.
"I will always be here for you!" He grabbed my cheeks and kissed me on the forehead. I wrapped my arms around his neck and hugged him. It felt good to know that I will always have someone there for me.
"Thank you! It means so much to me."
"I have something for you. I will be right back." He got up and ran out the door. He came back in a few minutes later. He was carrying a black gift box. He gave it to me and nodded. I opened it to find a beautiful Alex and Ani bracelet. It was the Humming Bird one. I felt tears string into my eyes.
"I remember that your mom loved humming birds. I thought it would be a little something of both of us. I really hope you like it." I got up and threw my arms around his neck. I cried once more. After about a minute of holding on to him, I pulled back. I grabbed his face with my hands and kissed him.
"I love it. Thank you so much!" I said when the kiss ended.
"Let's watch a movie. How about Frozen?"
"Yes! I will make the popcorn!" I ran into the kitchen and put 2 bags in the microwave while Zack put the movie in. I ran back in with the popcorn. I jumped on the couch and cuddled next to Zack. We watched the movie till the end, but Zack then to have leave cause my dad was home and Zack had to get home.
-Next day-
It was Saturday but we had 8am practice. I left the house at 7:30 and got a hot coco from Dunkin. When I got to the rink, most of the guys were already on the ice. I got dressed and skated onto the ice with my hot coco in hand and helmet in the other. I stopped when I was next to my dad.
"Nothing for me?" He asked.
"Sorry, but no. Next time, I promise!"
"Ok I will let it go this time." He laughed. "Now get to practice." I handed him my empty cup and put my helmet on.
By the end of practice, I was pooped.
"Good practice today! Remember we have a game Monday right after school vs. West Genny." We all hated West Genny. They are our rivals. "We are gonna kick their butts!" My dad said. "Be ready to get on the bus at 3 from here. Now get out of here."
After I was done putting my clothes on, I met Zack outside of the looker room. He walked me to my car and gave me a kiss. "I will see you Monday."
-Monday night-
"Sam, are you ok?" asked Cam while helping me up off the ice for about the 100th time tonight.
"Yea. I think."
"They have been going after you all night." Said Zack skating over.
"I know. But we are winning so it's worth it."
"Just be careful."
There was 3 minutes left in the game and we were winning 4-3. We had the puck and wanted to make one finally play. Joey had the puck and was skating towards the back of the goal. He passed it off to Justin behind the goal who passes it to me in front of the goal. I had just let my stick hit the puck when I felt 3 things hit me at once. One in the back of me, another in the front, and one from the side. I felt myself falling without my helmet on when I heard Zack call my name out. I saw darkness when I hit the ice.

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