Chapter 5

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Last chapter was too short so...



Sky woke me up early the next day. "GET UP! I HAVE SOMETHING FUN PLANNED!" he yelled, shoving me out of bed. "Aww... I'm too tired..." I moaned. Sky thought for a minute. "Perfect!" he said, more to himself than to me.

Kat, Brian, Vince, Strawberry, Sydney, Misty, and I all sat at the table, tired. Sky and Jerome placed bowls of cereal in front of us. "Cereal? How's that supposed to keep us awake?" Sydney asked. "Just try it." Jerome said.

I decided to be the first one to try it. As soon as it entered my mouth, I felt awake, like I was on a sugar rush. It was too much for me to handle, so I spat the rest out. "What is this?!" I asked, smiling and shaking. "GENERICO'S!" Jerome screamed, pouring a box of it in his mouth. I laughed.

Everyone else pushed their bowls away, afraid of the effects. I was practically on the table, looking Misty in the eyes. "Come one! Try it!" I begged. She shook her head, smiling. "Dude! Calm down!" Vince laughed, his eyes changeing green. "I CAN'T!" I screamed, running through the room.

It took everyone to keep me down, even Vivvi joined. They held me against the couch until the awesome effects of Generico's would wear off. "Come on! I just wanna run around for a while!" I whined, struggling.

When it did wear off, I slumped against the couch. "Why doesn't Jerome go all crazy when he eats Generico's?" I asked. Jerome shrugged and Sky slung his arms across the bacca's shoulders. "The world may never know." Sky said. I laughed.

Afterward, Sky and Jerome led us to an abandoned schoolhouse. "Uh, Sky? Why are we here?" Kat asked, looking around. "Come children! Time to learn!" Jerome yelled, running inside. My friends groaned while I remained optimistic. Something told me that this wouldn't be a normal day at school...

We walked into a classroom where Mitch sat in a diamond chestplate and leggings. "Hello children. Time for some edumacation." he said, smiling. I smiled back. No, definetly not a normal school day.

"Hey guys! Sky here, and I'm with BajanCanadian, ASFJerome, and some random kids." Sky said. I smiled.

"Don't just stand there! Tell 'em your names!" Sky said. "Sup people of the interwebz! I'm Felix!" I said. "Aww! I wanted to say that! Oh, I'm Kat." "I'm Misty." "Hi! I'm Strawberry!" "I'm Sydney!" "My name is Vince!"

Sky laughed. "And today we are playing... FELIX, WHAT ARE WE PLAYING?!" Sky yelled. "I dunno! You never told us!" I said. "We're playing Teacher! Teacher is basically like Cops and Robbers. One person is the Teacher, while everyone tries to run away." Mitch explained.

Jerome looked in a chest. "SPITBALLS!" he yelled, throwing spitballs at Mitch. Everyone else began to do the same. In the commotion, I snuck away. Where now?

"Wait! Wait!" Mitch yelled. "Where's Felix?". "Uh oh... I muttered quietly. I ran to the gym and up a small stairway. "Where are you?" Mitch sang. I heard laughter from below. Wait... where am I?

I'm in a large room with a platform in the middle. When I climbed the platform, I saw ladders that led to... freedom. I smiled and made my way across. Almost there...

"Nope." Mitch said, grabbing me by the ankle and pulling me down. "HOW'D YOU KNOW WHERE I WAS?!" I asked, surprised. "Mind powers." he answered, laughing. He brought the sword down on me and I screamed in terror.

I'm dead.

No wait... I respawn in the classroom and sigh in relief. I completely forgot! Sky came running into the room in a panic. "Felix! Are you alright?!" he asked, panting. "Yeah. Forgot about respawn." I laughed. He nodded and walked away. Probably looking for a way out. I should go do the same.

He stopped me when I got out the door. "I'll create a distraction. You go escape." he whispered. I smiled and nodded. We got the the gym and Sky took something out of the chest. Then he lit the ground on fire. "TEACHER! THE GYM IS ON FIRE!" Sky screamed. Mitch came running. "Uh... uh..." he said, unsure of what to do. "TEACHER! I'M ON FIRE!" Sky screamed, which was also true.

I went upstairs again. This time I escaped. "FREEEEEEEDOOOOOM!!!" I yelled as my feet touched the ground. "No!" Mitch yelled from inside, dissapointed.

"Anyway, that was Teacher. Check out everyone's channels in the description below. I'm Sky, and I'll see you later recruits! BAAAAAIIIIIIII!" Sky said, doing his usual outro. Kat raised an eyevrow.

"Erm, Sky?"


"We don't have YouTube channels."

"Then we shall make some!" Sky yelled. He carried Strawberry over his shoulder, causing her to laugh.


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