The Thing About Beginnings Pt. 1

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Three and a Half Months Ago

   It was never suppose to last as long it did. "Hey Kenz." I say, smiling. I peck your cheek. It was our usual way to greet each other, that didn't change when we started "dating." Not a lot did change other than the fact that you were mine, my girlfriend. 

   It shocked some people that we were "dating," to say the least. We had spent so long denying that we were a thing, then when people had just started getting used to the innocent pecks and nicknames, we had decided to drop a bomb and conclude that we were actually, in fact, a couple. It was just a joke in the beginning. A stupid joke that lasted a lot longer than it really needed to. 

   Some of our friends had jumped for joy, squealing that they had called it from the beginning, resulting in me just grinning with my arm wrapped around your waist. It's ridiculous now because I never realized until now how perfectly you just fit in my arms, back then and now.  

   Our parents didn't care as long as we were happy. Of course, who could make me happier than youmy best friend  and now my girlfriend.They always thought we would end up together anyway.

   There were the usual skeptics, but that was just because they either wanted you or to be you. Neither of which affected us, we were still best friends with .... a little something more behind the scenes. 

   We had no real reason to do what we were doing. Except all of a sudden we did. "Hey baby," You greet me as per normal. No one was around but I didn't question it. 

   We never broke character, even when we were alone. I never questioned it, maybe I should've, it might've saved us the trouble of what's happening now. Maybe if we had just been on in the spotlight and off behind the scenes, I would have never fallen for you, the girl I considered my best friend. 

   "I like Jade." I raise my eyebrow at your randomness, but smile nonetheless. My feelings shouldn't have even appeared out of freaking nowhere, since I knew that fact but they did anyway. 

   "How long?" I question, genuinely smiling. You just shrug, not replying to the question. "What are you doing with me then?" It's just a general, honest to God, question that has to be answered, nothing implied in it, at least not then. You shrug, causing me to raise my eyebrow again. 

   "Kez?" This time you throw a pillow at me, that I catch, but it's a reaction and that's all I wanted. I grin, "What's up with you?" 

   You let out a groan before responding. "I don't know." 

   I nudge you leg with mine. "Well, figure it out cause I ain't dealin' with this."

   "Too bad," You stick out your tongue and I laugh at your immaturity, "Since you're my girlfriend, you just have to deal with my shit for now." 

   I fight the urge to poke my tongue at you, since in my mind I'm more mature than you, "So what are we really?" 

   You bite your lip, your eyebrows furrowing in thought, before you say anything. "Whatever you want us to be."

   My eyebrows arch up at the response. "We already know that we're best friends." 

   "Is that all?" You ask, catching me off guard. I just shrug. Apparently that's not all we are now.

   "We're whatever you want us to be." I repeat your statement from earlier. You just shrug, making me throw a pillow at you. "What the hell are we doing?"

   You laugh and soon enough I'm joining in. "I have no idea."


   "What about her?" I roll my eyes at your obliviousness.

   "Are you doing this for her or what?"

   There seems to be a light bulb lighting up in your head as you realize what I'm saying. "I would never do something like that." You hug a pillow to your chest, while laying on the couch, facing the ceiling. "Especially since it wouldn't work." 

   Raising my eyebrows, I ask, "And why not?" I'm rested on the other sofa, my legs over the armrest looking at you.

   "Someone always gets hurt in situations like these." You raise your head to look at me, "I don't want it to be you, you're my best friend." I grin.

   "I love you Kezzie, that's not going to change over a girl." I state, still looking at you.

   You just shrug. "You're forgetting how all this works babe." You slowly start to raise your body up to sit more properly. "In order for this whole thing to work, she has to has feelings for me in the first place."

   "What makes you think that she doesn't?" I copy your movements.

   You look at the carpet before responding. "I just know." I let the subject drop but I can't help but be curious. "Plus usually, the people that are pretending to date, start to fall for each other." She looks at me and I can't help but stare back.

   I couldn't see it then. Fuck. I wish I had. "I think we can be an exception to that." I grin. "Don't you?"

   She wiggled her eyebrows at me, "If only you could resist this?" She then proceeded to gesture to her body. Back to normal.

   "I think I'll be fine." I winked. 

   "If you say so," she replied in a sing song voice, smirking. Fuck. God was so blind.

   I just chuckle and chuck my pillow at you, which hits you gently in the head. I pump my arms, "Score!" You playfully glare at me. "It wouldn't be that easy if you're head wasn't so big." I tease.

   You attempt to throw the pillow back but I catch it before it can hit me. Sticking my tongue out in triumph, "Nice try."

   In less than three seconds, you're up and on my lap, straddling me. The pillow that had been in my lap, removed easily and now lying on the floor.

   While this should be filled with sexual tension, it isn't. Instead it's in a playful atmosphere and we're throwing teasing grins at each other.

   I hadn't realized how stunning your ocean eyes were back then. hadn't seen how they lit up very time we made eye contact. I hadn't noticed how breathtaking your light brown hair was in a certain light, at a certain angel. Your bright yet dark freckles surround your nose and it's absolutely adorable every time you scrunch up your nose.

   I was --am-- your best friend. I wasn't suppose to notice. Other guys --or girls-- were and I was suppose to make sure they didn't break your heart or I would break their nose.

   I didn't need to notice. I always knew you were pretty but then as time went on, you became simply beautiful.

   If I did, I wouldn't be as screwed as I was now. Or maybe I would be. We'll never know.

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