Nialls fight

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"Finally" Niall said " now I have some time on my hands I can see my friends" Niall ran down the street to Harry's house and slammed in the door , then called out " Harry I'm home" . Harry yells back " what the heck do u want Niall ?" " Just to say hi" Niall said back. "Fine I just don't want some one that hates me in my house" "i don't hate u Harry who told u that !" "I thought u did because u haven't. Came here in a week!" "Oh I was really busy Harry I'm sorry " "oh well sorry " "didn't Liam tell. Yo u I was busy ?" "We'll he did but I didn't listen to him" " well you should of!" "Oh I'm sorry Niall" then Niall storm out of the house.

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