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On a beautiful Halloween night a boy and a girl are walking on the streets, trying to score some candy and romantic peace. When it was peace and quiet the boy tried to kiss the girl on her cheeks, but someone pop up and scream BOOH! The boy and the girl scream for there life and run faster then a jaguar. After a few minutes they stop running and screaming and started to laugh, until they fall on the ground and laugh harder then ever. The boy takes this as a beautiful moment to kiss her when a the man pop uot again and scream BOOH! Now the boy and girl only shock for a second and smile at the man. The boy and girl went together for a walk again. The boy turned her towards him and started to kiss her. Those butterflies that are flying around in they belly only makes it more romantic, when the man pops out again and screams Booh! The boy and girl do like they don't hear him and continue with they romantic scene. Nobody can stop love, not even with the word BOOH! 

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