Chapter 7: Prim in love?

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Katniss's POV >------->

I wake up on Saturday morning throwing up. All over myself, my sleeping bag and Peeta's sleeping bag. I really hope he's not mad. He's waking up so I let him take his time while I throw up again getting up rushing to the bathroom.

I'm almost to the bathroom when I hear footsteps but I don't turn around because I'm pretty sure it's Peeta, and I really have to barf again. Ewww I really, really,REALLY hate this.

When I reach the bathroom I swing the door open, toss the toilet seat up and barf up my dinner. Half way through Peeta moves my hair out of the way and starts rubbing my back reassuringly. When I'm done I start rinsing my mouth out over and over.

When I'm done with that Peeta asks me if I'm okay. "Yeah I'm fine my stomach really hurts." I reply. Honestly my head hurts too but I don't want to worry Peeta. "You sure?" He asks. I smile and reply, "Yes I'm sure I'm going to go home so I don't get you sick too." Pulling out my phone to text Prim. "Here I'll drive you." He says. I'm confused. He doesn't have his car here. We all drove in Finnick's car. It must show because he says, "I'm just gonna borrow Finnicks car and i'll give it back later." Peeta says smiling evilly. "I like the way you think." I reply with just an evil smile as his.

Once we sneak around the house to where Finn tossed his keys on the kitchen table, carelessly, we sneak out of the house into his car and Peeta drives me home in a comfortable silence.

Finnicks POV >--------->

It seems that I'm the first to wake up..... Except for two people..... Who have puke all over their sleeping bags. Ewe. I look around the room to see who is still here to see who left.Its Katniss and Peeta. I wonder where those two love birds went. I'm gonna go find out. Ill probably find them in the middle of a make out session. That will be so embarrassing. I love them like sibling but hey, that's a siblings job right?

I look all around the house carefully. I don't want them to hear me. But about 7 to 10 minutes later I still can't find them. I decide to look outside.

Wrong choice.

"What the hell?!" I yell. My car isn't there! Every one comes running my direction. "What is it?" "Where's Kat and Peete?" They all ask frantically. "They probably stole my car!" I yell pointing out the window to Cloves driveway. They all gasp when that see my car isn't there.

"Call them and see where they are!" I order. Marvel says that he's calling Peeta and Johanna says she's calling Katniss now.

Katniss's POV >------->

I put my phone on vibrate before I try to sleep, but I can't with all the giggling coming from Prims room. Maybe Rues over? I decide to check.

I enter Prim's room to find out she's on the phone. "Who is that?" I whisper to her. She puts a finger in the air gesturing for me to hang on. I sigh. After about 30 seconds I hear her say 'hang on' a little too sweetly to just be Rue. "What?" she snaps like I interrupted her conversation with the president. "Easy there little duck, I just wanted to know who's on the phone and keep it down because I'm trying to sleep." I say. "Ok. And none of your beeswax!" "Oh yes it is!" I say lunging at her and I start to tickle her. Her weak spot.

I start tickling her even more violently to get her to let go of her phone. I bet the person on the phone is wondering what the heck is going on. "STOP HAHAHAHAHA NONE HAHAHA OF HAHAHAHA YOUR HAHAHA BEEZZZZZZ HAHAHAHA!!!!" Is what she made out. Haha she finally let go of her phone!

I quickly grab it and go to the bathroom and lock the door leaving Prim there with that weird feeling after you get tickled like that. "Hello, who is this?" I ask whoever is in the phone. Before he or she can answer, Prim starts banging her fists on the door screaming at the top of her lungs not for he/ she to answer. "RORY DON'T ANSWER!!!" She screams from the other side if the door. then it goes silent and I'm sure she just realized she just said who it is. Rory, that's who it is! Gales younger brother...... I drop her phone(luckily on the carpet) and swing the door open and get half way to my room then realize I don't know what I'm going to do in there.

So I sit there and think. Is Prim in live with Rory?

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