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"I-I thought I was home. I didn't know I was in the car with them...I can't remember," she said holding her head tightly with her hands.

My fingers grazed her back as I was relieving her," Shh, Carolyn don't stress yourself."

"It was a nightmare, Beck, but a memory too."

"Tell me what you saw..." I said trying to comfort her. She was hurt by the tragic dream Vincent showed her. Her parents..dead. She couldn't remember that she was in the car... she was too little. Her memory was suppressed by the accident.

"Tracey was at a friends house. My mom and Dad were going to something. I forgot where we were going.... it was like... ahh.." She held her head again, compressing her hands against it. It was like she was fighting something.

I grabbed her arms and tried to pull them down.

"Carolyn, stop... you don't have to tell me anymore." I said.

She shoved my hands onto my lap. She breathed in deeply," No, I want to tell you. I know about your past and know it's time you know about mine..."

I nodded giving her permission to continue.

"My memory was... of the car crash. The one they died in. I-I had no idea I was in the car. All I remember is me waking up in my bed. Cops were outside and-and that's when Tracey told me their car had crashed. I remember in my memory that I wasn't hurt. I fell out of my car seat and crawled outside. Broken glass and dripping," She paused trying to keep it together.

" Blood. I went to wear my mom was and I saw her arm sticking out. I called and cried for her response. Then a presences seemed through me. I turned around and...red eyes... they said," Her eyes looked at me.

She grabbed my hand as the next words out of her mouth shocked me," 'They didn't belong...'"

My sliver eyes shook into a scared pale color. My nerves constricted into a trembling matter. What did this mean?

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