One Direction Adopted Me

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June's pov

I watch the five of them walk down the isle, talking and laughing with all the girls in the orphanage, with all the girls talking and laughing back. Kiss ups. It might be nice to be adopted by five celebrities, but not for me. It's actually the last thing I want at the moment. These were the last adopters to turn me away. Because tomorrow night I'm going to run away from this hell hole, and I'll do everything in my power in order to do that. Even if it means pissing off One Direction. I watch them walk towards me, this will be my first time actually trying not to get adopted. Here it goes.

The one with curly hair talks first. "Hello, what's your name?"

His voice sounds so happy.

"June. Now get the fuck away from me." I say coldly. I watch the five of them exchange glances with each other and I silently laugh.

"You know that's not a very nice word to say" another one of them worns me.

"Oh well."

"Well how would you like to be adopted by us?"

"Not at all actually, besides, you don't want me. I've got to many problems for your rich asses." The five of them look taken a back.

"Oh, like what?"

"Sorry but I'm not going to talk about it to five complete strangers."

"What if we weren't strangers?"

" Oh, but you are."

"Well do you know who we are?"

"One Direction, but that doesn't change anything"

"Ok, we'll thank you for your time."

"No problem"

Harry's pov

"Guys, I think we should get June"

"Are you kidding? She's so rude". Liam replies

"You heard her, she has problems, and I kind of want to help her with them, and I really want to know what they are, what do you. Guys think?"

"Ya. Let's do it!"

"Ok let's go tell her" I yell happily

The five of us walk over to her. She has black hair, pale skin, and stunning grey eyes. She had one long scar starting from her left eye and going down at an angle and ending somewhere under her hair. She looked like she was maybe 10, and I couldn't wait to adopt her.

"What do you want?" She asked

"Honey, we're adopting you."

And then I watched something awful, her mean, cold eyes turned into those of a scared little girl. She fell to the ground and started shaking.

"No, no, no, no, no..." She whispered over and over again.

"Hey, it's alright, you'll like it with us."

June looked up into my eyes, so scared. She squeezed her eyes shut for what seemed like forever, when she opened them, they were back to cold and dark. She pulled away from my arms.

"Why in hell would you want to adopt me?"

"I want to help you"

"Trust me, you can't"

"We'll see, go pack your bags while we get the papers done"

"Your making a mistake"

"Go get your bags"

June's pov

I walk up the stairs and grab my pillow. I stuff it against my face and scream. When I pull my face away from the pillow I can see that it's wet from tears. Their gonna rape me. Just like every other man. I begin to pack my cloths, my journal, and my knife, I put them all in a trash bag and I walk back down the stairs where they're waiting for me.

"Do you want to say goodbye to your friends?" Louis asks

"There's no point in it, I'll be back in a week any way."

*2hours later*

The limo pulled up in front of a huge house. Holy shit. I simply grab my trash bag and jump out of the car. I could run away, right now. I could do it, but I don't. They lead me into the house and show me to my room.

"Wow. I have to say, this is awesome."

"I know!" They all yell happily

"We'll leave you alone to put your stuff away, but when you finish, we are going to play truth or dare down stairs!"

"Ok great."

When they finally leave, I'm able to relax. I just through my trash bag down on the floor and tale out my journal and begin to write.

December 6th, 2013

One Direction adopted me, but I won't stay for long. I'm getting out of here tonight. I can't live with anyone, not yet any way. It's back to the streets. I'll right again before I run away.

Till next time, June

I finish writing and walk down the stairs. Let's get this thing over with.

"Ok. Let's play." I say as I sigh.

"Ok!" Louis yells. "Zayn, truth or dare?"

"Dare" Zayn replied.

"Um... I dare you to send a picture of your junk to a random number!"

"Louis!" They all yell, motioning towards me.

"Don't worry, she doesn't know what 'junk' means."

"Oh really?" I say, trying to keep myself from laughing

"You do?" Louis says quietly.

"Of course"

"Fine but Zayn you still have to do it"

I watch Zayn get up and walk to the bathroom. When he comes back he asks me;

"Truth or dare?"

"Truth... I guess"

"Ok, why were you at the orphanage?"

"Sorry I can't tell you the answer that" I say quietly

"You have to"

"No I don't"

"Yes, you do! Just tell me!"

"I'm not going to"


"I'm not going to. Just leave me alone ass hole!" I yell angrily

"Hey! You can't talk to me like that!"

Next thing I know there is a burning sensation in my cheek. He slapped me, I reach up to my cheek, touch it, and pull my hand away and there was blood on it. He hit me again. This time it was a punch. I stumbled backwards and tripped. I pull my self up and glare at him.

"Did you know that in life, there is an equal and opposite reaction of everything, for instance, if I press against the wall, the wall will press back just as hard, this might be a bit different, but it gives me an excuse for what I'm about to do." I say these words as calmly as I can.

I leap forward and punch his face as hard as I can he falls backwards to the ground and I jump on him, pinning him there.

"Never touch me again ass hole!" I yell as I bring my fists down on him again. He's bleeding. Good. I stand up, wiping blood away from my face and say; "you know I was going to wait till tonight to run away, but I may as well do it right now. See you later mother fuckers." With that I run out the door, I'm barefoot, but who cares? I can hear them chasing me, but they won't catch me.

I turn a corner, then another and another, I'm convinced that they won't find me, so I start walking. Where the hell am I going to stay? I'll go fuck someone.

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