Chapter eleven

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We met up with Vanessa William and Melanie at a park.

"Hey guys." I said as we sat down on the blanket Melanie obviously brought.

It had a picture of the sea on the side of it. Of course.

'Hey don't think like that. They like those things because its what they are used to. Like your obsession with fire.'

'Okay sorry. Sheesh.'

I looked around at everyone.

Wow. You could practically see the awkwardness and tension in the air.

They really need to get over this.

So what if his father is the hunter.

He doesn't do that.

I thought back to when I heard him and his father arguing.

He actually thought about if we could be good.

Then I thought about what Drago said.

He said the words mate and mine.

What does mate mean anyways?

I mind linked with William Vanessa and Melanie.

'Guys what does mate mean?'

They turned their heads so fast I thought they were going to get whiplash.

'Where did you hear that?' William asked.

'Drago said it'

'We will tell you later.'

I nodded.

After that was pretty normal.

We all talked even Luke.

I told Luke I'll ride with the others.

When Luke left I turned to them waiting for an explanation.

"You seriously don't know? You said it before when you got pissed off in the cafeteria." William said.

"Drago took over so its kind of blurry." I explained.

Vanessa sighed. She's going to be the one to explain I guess.

"A mate is basically the person your supposed to be with. Everyone has them even humans but vamps wolves and other creatures have a sense to see if they really are their mates because things like emotions are magnified." She explained.

I thought about it for a minute them looked at them.

"So Luke and me are destined to be together?" I said.

They nodded.

"I'm going to go for a run just go with out me." I state and started running.

Yay! I finally finished this chapter.

So they told him what a mate is.

What is he going to do? Do you think he'll tell Luke about him?



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