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•Gavin's POV•

I looked at Michael out of the corner of my eye, without turning my head. Michael turned in his chair to face me and leaned back. I turned to face Geoff and leaned back as well.

"Uh, well..." I said.

'I just... I don't know. Something about being in Maine without Micoo made my heart hurt. I missed all of you so much.'

I wish I said that.

Instead, I said, "Y' know. Stuff... happens."

Only a couple seconds of silence pass before Michael speaks.

"I love Gavin. He spent the night last night..." he pauses for a second. Jack, Ray, and Ryan turn to face Michael.

"We were playing games... one thing lead to another and..." he paused again.

"We fucked." I said, finally.

Geoff and Ray looked like they were about to laugh, Jack looked mad, and Ryan looked like he couldn't believe it. When Geoff and Ray realised we were serious, they both shared looks with Ryan.

"Holy shit." Geoff said under his breath.


The rest of the day came along pretty usually, except for one thing.

Jack didn't talk to me or Michael the rest of the day. Either he was shocked or...

Well, let's not think about that.


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A footprint in snow is hard to walk in again, so keep going forward. It's easier to create the future than re-live the past. Remember the past, keep your eyes on the future.

-lilmstar, 'Double M's'

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