Chapter 4: Taken 2.0

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Hey guys! Hope you are all enjoying the story bc I'm having a blast writing it! Anyways I wanted to let you know I'm gonna try a different thing that I don't really enjoy when reading but anyways...

I'm gonna attempt to change POV's...

I told myself I wouldn't but I'm giving in and going to try it. If you enjoy it or it fits nicely please let me know so I can continue to write in this fashion or just stop completely.

This chapter is a shorty but an important one hehe so pay attention bc yo it's bout to go down! Idk ... anyways...

Ilysm and thanks for reading! Stay classy!

~Ava (marrymeone1direction)


I sat down on the damp grass under my feet. My hair was ruined from all this traveling and my dress had a few rips in it. I sighed and kicked off my heels which had began to dig into my ankles and burn.

I laid onto my back and looked up at the sky.

You aren't in Kansas any more, Rose.

Staring at the stars scared me more than anything else. More than my fear of Loki. More than my fear of death. It means I wasn't on earth, it means other things live outside our universe. If I ever returned home my knowledge of this place would probably make me fortunes.

Again, if I returned home.

I closed my eyes. I was exhausted. I had only been awake for an hour or so, why was I so tired? I figured I was a long enough walk away from the castle that Loki wouldn't find me if I just rested for a little while.

Then, I had fallen asleep.

*Loki's POV*

“Sire, Rose has disappeared." A guard whispered into my ear. I was in a meeting with important men of the army. We were discussing our plan for the attack on Nifleheim, for they were disregarding rule.

As I processed it my anger boiled inside me. Rose was fierce and refused to acknowledge my advice. She was to pay.

I stood during Lantus' speech and excused myself. I stormed out of the chamber with my scepter in hand. This was becoming ridiculous. I have never had a servant in all my years disobey an order. Did she not fear me like the others did?

I laughed to myself, because she soon would.

As I walked towards the doorway I told the guards who had been following me to spilt up and search the kingdom. I could not have let a peasant leave my presence, having people know she escaped under my circumstances.

I shortly reached the stables outdoors and saddled onto my steed. I began my search for the wench, and she would regret ever leaving.

*Rose's POV*

I had awoken to galloping horses on the ground. I was groggy from my sleep and moaned, asking for a few more minute of rest.

“Get her off the ground, she is filthy."

Loki's tone of voice made my eyes grow wide open. I was in deep shit. How did he find me so fast? I was only asleep for about an hour or so!

I was suddenly being forced off of the ground by a few of Loki's guards. I was handcuffed. They weren't like regular handcuffs though, they were solid metal wrapped around my wrists and had a chain protruding out the back which two guards held on to. Very proficient actually, why don't we use this method in California?

“Bring her back to my chambers. Lock her in."

A guard shoved me, giving me wincing pain on my shoulder blade. “Dude, calm down!" I gritted out. I could practically feel Loki's eye roll. I got another shove and then gave in and started to walk towards the castle.

Loki decided he was to good for me, as if he hadn't already decided that, and left me to the guards who had shoved me around. I sighed and started talking to them. Well more or less myself,

“You know it's weird how those planets are so close. Where I come from we can only see the moon and Sun and not a lot of detail from the human eye. You guys are lucky in that sense, astronomy is the most fascinating of sciences I believe-"

“You are from Midgard?" I heard a guard interrupt. It was the one who had jabbed me in the shoulder. His voice was deep and it seemed like I vibrated the ground as he spoke.

“What's Midgard?" I asked confused.

There was a booming laugh from the guards surrounding me. They seemed to be laughing at my stupidity or something. Like I was expected to know of these weird words or names.

“Mortals..." One of them said shaking their head, as if he felt sorry for me! I started to loose my temper. I stopped walking and turned around to face the man,

“What the hell is that supposed to mean!?" I screamed at him. There was a sudden tug from one of the chains and it pulled my arms backward, making me loose balance and fall onto my ass. It hurt my tailwind more than anything else really.

I winced in pain again. These guys weren't afraid to hurt anyone. “Rise mortal, we must be on our way." I obliged and stood up and began walking, the rest of the way in silence.


My wrists were still in cuffs but the chains were wrapped around the bed posts above my head. I was back where I had started. My ankles were chained to the bed legs. I felt like I was in a porno gone wrong.

I heard Loki's heels clicking on the marble floors outside the door. I wasn't in fear of him any more, he was weak. I was boiling with anger and all I wanted was to kick him in the balls and make him fall to the floor in pain.

The doors swung open and Loki's eyes were glowing green. I started to squirm in my chains. I wanted to hurt him more than I wanted to leave this place.

He took his time walking up to the bedside. The closer he came the more his eyes glowed, like he was excited for this. He was also carrying his scepter in hand. He seemed to be gripping it so tightly his knuckles were white. Why was he holding it so aggressively?

When he stopped to look at me he laughed. People laughing at me brought back horrible memories and made me want to punch him. So instead, I spat right on Loki's pale face. His smile quickly faded and he wiped away the saliva from his face. He looked down at time and furrowed his brows together, giving him serious wrinkle lines.

“You're gonna get crows feet if you keep making that face." I smirked at him.

“Watch your movements, peasant. You're on thin, thin ice." He growled at me.

I started to scream, it was one of my last attempts at escaping this wretched place. I just yelled and yelled until I though my throat was going to bleed. I was just praying someone would hear me.

Loki looked annoyed and flustered even. He pointed the end of his sharp scepter at my chest and said,

“You asked for it." Before my mind went dark and I thought I had died.

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