~To Natalie Chavez a Larry Shipper and a Best friend who change my life.~

Unknow POV

There was a boy named Harry Styles and another named Louis Tomlinson,and they loved each other from the start.There love is the strongest love you would know.But since they were famous it just couldn't happen.In front of a camera they were just friends or sometimes less.But behide close doors something else happens.

It was like this for them always.Then there management gave Louis a girlfriend to make sure all the fan will understand it is not real.The fans were smart enough to find all the evidence.They knew the truth no matter what others say.

They were strong along the journey all of them,but soon it all just stopped.They grew up.The rumors stop,but still they couldn't be together.One day Harry disappear and was never seen again.Louis Got married with Eleanor.

Soon Natalie Tomlinson was born.She was a very famous child star.She really never had a normal life.She always had cameras in her face.She had one of the biggest hearts of all.She was the sweetest girl you would know.

But the thing is that no one know was that there was a reason why Harry left,a reason why Louis got married,a reason why Natalie was born.

No one knew only the ones who were there.Well I know too.But I come later in the story so I'll just let someone else tell the story.

*This story is coming soon this is just a preveiw full story comes out on Jan.28*

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