Chapter 24. still .drama

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POV – Harry (25th May)

''what chaos?'' I ask. His frown grows by my question. Is it really that weird for people to hear me asking shit. Yes because you don't care remember. I hear my subconscious

'' just go take a look on twit, don't be on it for too long mate'' He says and walks past me.

''no stop'' I demand and he turns. He shrugs and frowns as he steps backwards to walk through.

''you are not going to Ariana.''

'come on, don't act all obsessed'' he jokes. I can't fake a grin.

''I'm not.''

''then why making a problem of me.. Niall, your friend, going just for a check on Ariana'' The frown stays and he stares.

'''because she is sleeping,''

'''we have breakfast within now and.. some, anyways so I need to make her anyways'' some. Great excuse Niall. Not going to happen. He walks through to the end of the hallway

''Not going to happen. It is my room I don't want anyone in there.'' I say and he turns again.

''and, you don't have the card.''

''I still have john's'' He says as he holds out the hotel card. What the hell. I want to run over and stop him but why would I. Ariana is not mine. And I am not all obsessed. He opens the door and disappears through.

I open twitter.. again. As I am logged in on a 'fan'account, I scroll through tons of reactions as I searched for critics and peoples judgements. 'Harry and Ariana' I press search. I know most of them won't be drama free.


''Harry and Ariana dating? No thanks. honey he's gay''

''another beard, hired for harry'' added an edited pic of Ariana. Cruel. But she still looks beautiful with the moustache and facial hair.

'''Hariana pictures are the cutest I can't even look at Harrys face I'm sobbing Ariana is so pretty '' added picture of us at Belvet's, added effects, holding hands, looking all in love. And lost.

''Harry and Ariana? What about jai, what about jaiAriana''

''I'm so JeALOus, the problem is ArianaSI SO PRETTY , HARRYWOULD ACTUALLY FALL FOR HER '' crysmiley crysmiley crysmiley.

'''NOTHING IS CONFIRMED EVERYONE TAKE A CHILLPILL AND GET DOWN ON YO ASSES'' I actually laughed at this one. For a second. maybe.

''Ariana Grande only joined them because she will be in the following openingacts! She is not dating Harry (not confirmed) and she is not a beard. Ship them or not, here the facts!'' A update account tweets, I want to retweet it so badly but I decide against it. What's with the shipping always. I never have understood shippers.

''The boys will have interviews and rehearsals the next few days till they have their next show in Liverpool (there current location) Ariana will stay with them.. '' How do they even know all this. I didn't even know we have interviews. Do we even have?

As I refresh my search 'Harry Ariana' , Drama gets more and bigger. Our fans are so dramatic. I literally have to walk and watch my toes with everything I do, or else this happens..

I already see hate towards Ariana. I wish I could just tweet every single one of them, telling them to stay calm and there is nothing happening between us, but I can't because first of all, fucking modest control my twitters. Second, I can't because there is actually a lot happening between us. To be really honest.

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