Chapter 1

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"Well,Well,Well if it isn't little miss Virgin Mary?What are you doing here?"Acacia snickers while her group of  bitches laugh obnoxiously.

I came to Victoria Secret to grab something special for tonight.I guess now wasn't a good time.Good thing I hid my items before she got closer.As she walked towards me her group was reapplying mutiple  thick layers of mascara.

"I just uh,came bra shopping.You?"

"Same.Let me see your bras!"She exclaims before trying to reach my bag that was hidden behind me.

"ooo!Girls look at this!"She yells making everyone turn their heads to her.She holds up my Red lacy pushup bra and red lacy thong to go with it.

My face flushes in fiery and embarassment.Before I knew it I lunged myself to her throwing punches any where but mainly her face.Her friends tried pulling me away.Notice I said tried.

Everyones eyes were still stuck on us.Security came in moments later and took me away I had a few scratches and my lip was slightly swollen.My face was sure to have a couple of bruises tommorrow but nothing major like her.

I'm pretty sure they are now rushing her to the hospital.i was now getting escorted to a cop car.That's a first.Oh god!I'm going to my date like this!Omg what will I tell Jake?!? Now he's going to think I got scratched by a bird or something.

we'll just have to find out don't we?

*2 hours later*

My mom arrived to the Police Station and wasn't very happy.That was the first time I've ever done something bad.

Good thing o forgot my bag at the store if not then she'll get more pissed off.Her ignoring me is enough.

Tonight is going to be fuckin' magnificent.


Idk if any one is reading this which I highly doubt that they are.....but Winter is my favourite season because ummmm

1).Hot cocoa


3).Christmas songs

4).Going to stores in onesies.....


5).long warm showers

6).Stayin inside and scrolling through Tumblr checking out them Kitties!Food!1D!Emblem3!Food!and Emblem3!

7).But most importantly updating every single fanfic I own.

but yeahhh


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